Nissan Livina Crashes into TMII Entrance

Nissan Livina Crashes into TMII Entrance

Accidents due to negligence in driving are no longer new in Indonesia. Many motorists experience accidents due to not focusing on driving.

Even though as we know, the cars that exist today are increasingly sophisticated and have very complete safety and security features, all of these features will be useless when the driver does not apply driving safety. Not long ago, a similar accident occurred, on Tuesday night, March 9, 2021.

Chronology of the Nissan Livina hit the door of the TMII

Based on information reported by, a Nissan Livina car with police number B 1839 BFF crashed into the entrance to 1 Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) in Cipayung, East Jakarta on Tuesday (9/3) night. The report was received by the authorities from local residents at 18.30 WIB.

Gatot Sulaeman, Head of Section for East Jakarta Fire and Rescue Sub-Department, said that the driver of the Nissan Livina car, known as Iis Handayani (40), was involved in an accident due to not focusing on driving. Based on witness testimony as well, the driver of this car drove while using his cellphone.

The accident caused considerable damage to the front of the car, and the car was also caught on the TMII fence. The driver himself was also reported to have suffered injuries and was immediately rushed to the Ridwan Meureksa Hospital by security forces at TMII. Meanwhile, in about 20 minutes, the car which was badly damaged was successfully evacuated by three personnel deployed by officers.

Driving Focus Tips

The accident experienced by the harga Nissan Livina car is one example of the many accidents that occur due to drivers who do not focus on driving. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the driver is in a focused state before driving his car, and to ensure that the driver is not distracted while driving. Here are some tips for drivers to focus more on driving.

According to Jusri Pulubuhu from Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting (JDDC), to, driving is a multi-tasking activity and roads are shared facilities. Therefore, in order to minimize accidents and maintain safety together on the road, there are two key points which he thinks are the most vital, namely Focus and Understanding.

According to Jusri, focus means ensuring the condition of the vehicles to be used in a roadworthy condition. In addition, the driver must also be able to eliminate all problems while driving so that the trip is safe and comfortable. And most importantly, the driver must also make every effort to focus on driving by avoiding things that can distract concentration when driving.

Then the second is Understood. Understanding here means that the driver must always be in a ready condition, not easily startled so as not to make sudden maneuvers in any situation while driving. “Understanding” here also means being able to take precautions by always seeing and paying attention to the situation around us. For example, by checking the rearview mirror to make sure the rear or side of the car is completely safe before making a maneuver.

It’s not just car drivers, motorcyclists need an even higher level of concentration to stay safe on the road. The concentration level required by motorcyclists is up to five times greater when compared to car drivers.

When we drive, there are indeed many things that can disturb our concentration. For this reason, Jusri also advised avoiding driving when under stress, sleepy, especially while using a cellphone. According to him also, if the intention of touring is to release stress, it should be postponed and make sure we relax first before touring so that the driver’s focus is in the maximum state when driving.

Jusri also reminded us that when riding, especially riding a motorcycle, we will face many dangers and must be mature when riding. We recommend that we also don’t forget to use the complete driving attributes. Don’t forget to use safety standard equipment, such as helmets, dust masks, jackets, and raincoats for safety and driving comfort.

Not only that, but we also have to prepare ourselves before driving. The driver must ensure that he is getting adequate rest and fully concentrated while driving. And to keep our concentration while driving at its best, it is advisable to stop for a moment after traveling for 2 hours to avoid fatigue, sleepiness, dehydration, and to restore concentration so that we can stay focused on driving.


Learning from the accident that happened to the Nissan Livina at the entrance to 1 TMII, we can see that we don’t only rely on the safety and security features of our cars, but we also have to focus when driving so that things don’t happen. By focusing on driving, we can minimize the possibility of accidents that will certainly harm ourselves and other road users.

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