Which type of Abrasion Protection your Motorcycle Protective Clothing should have?

Which type of Abrasion Protection your Motorcycle Protective Clothing should have?

Have you ever wondered why we don’t hear about motorcycle accidents as often as we used to in the past? That’s because a couple of years ago leather pants were considered the best clothing item to keep yourself protected from a motorcycle accident. It was the sturdiest fabric we knew of back then. However, with time things have changed. With the advancement in technology, motorcycle pants are now created with the help of abrasion-resistant technologies. Today Kevlar jeans are considered the best when it comes to motorcycle protective clothing. Motorcycle denim is lined inside with protective fabric which serves as a safer alternative to simple leather pants.

Why are Kevlar jeans better than simple motorcycle pants?

Raw denim fabric doesn’t protect you if you get into a motorcycle accident. It doesn’t matter how thick or good quality denim you are wearing, if it is not lined inside with a protective material, it is going to be of no use for you.

Regular denim cannot be used as motorcycle protective clothing. That’s because it doesn’t protect you from abrasion or impact. It isn’t designed to prevent injuries. It can only bear the injuries you get if you fall off your motorbike at a decent speed. Even then, you will get some rashes along with loss of skin. So, we won’t suggest you wear regular denim on your motorbike adventure.

If you want to prevent heavy injuries when you get into serious accidents, you need to wear Kevlar jeans with abrasion resistance.

Let’s learn which type of material offers abrasion resistance when you get into a motorcycle accident.

Types of abrasion protection:


The first motorcycle protective clothing was denim which was lined inside with Kevlar fabric. This is the sturdiest material used to make motorcycle protective clothing. Kevlar jeans keep you protected during major accidents. It prevents abrasion damage. However, the problem with Kevlar abrasion resistance is that, when coupled with denim, it makes it extremely heavy and hot to wear.


After Kevlar jeans, Cordura is considered to be the best abrasion-resistant fabric. Cordura pants offer nylon-based elastic pants that offer abrasion resistance for motorcycle protective clothing. This makes this material exceptionally useful for preventing abrasions resulting from a fall from a motorbike.


Para-aramid is the fabric that is used to produce Kevlar fabric. if you find a motorcycle protective clothing brand that says it uses Aramid fiber then rest assured that you are getting the best alternative to Kevlar jeans, as both Kevlar and aramid are made up of the same material.


Armalith is the solution for removing the heat and heavy nature of aramid insulated Kevlar denim. The architecture of this fabric offers abrasion resistance while keeping you cool.


If you are looking to get the best protection against abrasion, then you should invest in high-quality motorcycle protective clothing. make sure to get Kevlar jeans or the best alternative to acquire the best abrasion resistance.

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