From Where Can I Buy a Money Heist Costume?

From Where Can I Buy a Money Heist Costume?

When it comes to TV series, one cannot ignore the brilliance of the Spanish show Money Heist that was aired by Netflix. La Casa De Papel, also known as Money Heist is one of the most brilliant shows that involves robbery, thriller, suspense, and crime. The show was initially released on 2nd of May 2017. It currently has 2 seasons, each consisting of 2 parts with a total count of 31 episodes. The show is created by Alex Pina and is originally in Spanish.

The show has received immense love and appreciation from the audience as well as positive and admiring remarks from the critics. The show has been an absolute beauty and has perfectly been directed and shot. The show stars some of the best Spanish stars including Ursula Corbero, Alvaro Morte, ItziarItuno, and PacoTous. The show was originally said to end in 2 parts i.e. one season but the love of the audience pushed them to create more brilliant content.

The show is based on the main character, Professor Sergio played by Alvaro Morte. He bonds together a team of eight people and then names them as countries, the people involved in the robbery were called, Tokyo, Rio, Moscow, Denver, Helsinki, Oslo, Berlin, and Nairobi. The team somehow enters the Royal Mint of Spain to rob it. They print money inside whilst keeping hostages for eleven days. The group manages to leave the Royal Mint but 3 of their members, Moscow, Berlin, and Oslo, dies inside the Royal Mint. The interesting twist in the show is when the leader of the heist falls in love with the lead inspector of the heist. Professor Sergio falls in love with Inspector Raquel Murillo who was divorced and has a daughter. Although, at the end of the season, Raquel helps the professor to escape with his team. The couple reunites at the end of the season when Raquel figures out a hint given to her by Professor.

After the first season, they group was instructed to divide and hide in different countries with different names so that the police couldn’t find them. Although, due to some failed romance, Rio gets in the hands of the Spanish Intelligence. They torture Rio to break him and get information about Professor. Soon, Tokyo (Rio’s girlfriend) reaches out to Professor and the team gets back together in order to save Rio.

This season was extremely heart-warming as they get Rio back but gets in a lot of other trouble. This heist had a new member – Raquel Murillo as Lisbon. The inspector helped the Professor in the heist, although they have a little argument on small problems, Professor always had Lisbon’s back. There was a conspiracy of the police that made the Professor think that they have executed Lisbon that led to drastic measures from Professor’s side but Professor realizes it later when Tokyo explains it to him.

The show is full of amazing twists, turns, mystery, suspense moments, romantic moments, heart-warming sad moments, and action! The show has been loved by the audience and the audience cannot wait for the next season as it will be the one when the entire team gets out of the Bank of Spain and will set themselves free.

Other than the brilliant plot, the talented stars, and the amazing direction, there is one more thing in the show that has grabbed the attention of the audience – the Money Heist Costume. The team in the show has a separate yet adorable costume. The team makes the hostages wear the costume as well as to confuse the police. The costume has been admired so much that people are looking for it to wear it on occasions like Halloween and costume parties.

The Money Heist Costume is made up of cotton fabric along with soft inner viscose lining. It has a hooded collar and has a pullover style. It is a jumpsuit with a front zipper closure. The jumpsuit has full-length sleeves with open hem cuffs and a chest zipper pocket. It has wide pouches for jumpsuit and pants as well. It comes in a signature red color along with a Dali mask that makes them unique to the other robbers at available ujackets.

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