Top Technology Trends that Have Redefined the Beauty Industry

Top Technology Trends that Have Redefined the Beauty Industry

Technology has completely altered worldview. Most of the industries have become more efficient with the use of technology. The beauty industry is no exception. It too has changed greatly under the influence of technology. The conventional methods have been changed to make room for smarter solutions.

From skincare routine to makeup products to cosmetic procedures, technology has revolutionized everything. There are better tools available to help cosmetologists in various procedures. The ease of the procedure and its popularity has also enabled the cost to be regulated, as companies are now coming up with cheaper solutions.

Moreover, makeup shopping is also becoming smarter. Everyone today has busy schedules and do not have the luxury to visit shop after shop to find perfect shades. Technology has a solution to this predicament too.

Furthermore, more and more beauty-related applications are being released. When there are apps to monitor the weight to hormonal cycle to manage the calendar, it was only natural that the beauty industry also benefited from the ‘smart’ lifestyle we have going on. Below are some of the technology trends emerging in the beauty industry.

Dermatological Advancements:

One of the top trends of beauty is the variety of ways LASER technology has been incorporated in cosmetic procedures. It’s a non-invasive procedure that has no patient downtime. It is used for different purposes like removing hair, removing fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, acne, and acne scars. It basically ensures that you have a smooth, flawless one. Such treatments are available in different hospitals, like Doctors Hospital Lahore.

Cosmetology and Technology

Technology has greatly enabled the field of cosmetology. Procedures are becoming easier and less invasive. Smarter equipment means that doctors can get trained easily. One such procedure is facelift using HIFU. It basically uses ultrasound energy to lift the skin. As a result, one is able to get rid of double chin, sagging skin from age, etc. it’s a completely non-invasive procedure which causes way less pain than the earlier techniques, contributing to its popularity.

Another similar emerging trend is HydraFacials. Gone are the times when people had to use tons of products and home remedies to get semi-clear skin. This technology has enabled people to get revamped skin in just a few minutes. It exfoliates, nourishes, hydrates and removes congestion from the skin, all in one go.

Personalized Makeup Solutions

Finding the perfect shade of foundation is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Worst yet is the fact that most brands do not make many shades for Asian skin tone. Brands are coming up with smarter ways to tackle this problem of personalized shade matching.

Lancôme came up with a solution to this problem. The customer registers their skin tone shade using a special tool to their representative, who puts it in their software. The color pigment proportions are accordingly adjusted in the formula. Their machine then churns out the perfectly matched foundation shade for the customer, on the spot.

Other personalized solutions like facial masques, 3D makeup are being introduced as well.

Virtually Try out Makeup

People don’t have time anymore to breeze around the stores, finding the perfect lipstick shade. There are other issues too; many brands don’t have testers available, many can’t use the tester on their lips due to hygiene reasons. Swatches on arms aren’t feasible either since they don’t give the correct impression of how the lipstick looks on the face.

Hence, companies are using AR-augmented reality to help customers. There are applications that take the picture of the person and let them test out different shades of lipstick etc on the picture. This way, people get an idea of which shade looks better for them. This is useful especially for online customers, who don’t have to physically experience the product. They can virtually check it out and order it online.

Skincare Solutions

Many technologies have been introduced that help you monitor your skincare routine and make adjustments accordingly. This is especially useful to find your customized skincare regiment.

An example of this technology is a special smart mirror HiMirror. It takes in your reflection and scores different parts of the skin accordingly. It then recommends different and customized tips to the users.

Hair Care

Technology has enabled people to have better hair care as well. For example, a special smart hair-brush is now available that monitors the texture of the hair and can gauge if a particular haircare routine is working or not. It also gives the users information about which products to use to undo the damage to the hair.

Hence, technology has completely reformed the beauty industry. More and more applications are being introduced that act as your beauty consultant and help you monitor your beauty regimen. Furthermore, many medical equipments are getting incorporated into the field of cosmetology and plastic surgery. Many of the top-notch hospitals like South City Hospital are making use of these technologies to keep up with the beauty trends, which serve to provide painless and cost-effective solutions to beauty problems.

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