Contributor Guidelines

Tad Toper's purpose is to demonstrate the concepts and innovations that are transforming our lives, from business to health & fitness to fashion, and pop to luxury. We pride ourselves on equipping our community with appropriate, high- quality and helpful content from some of the most immeasurable minds in the industry. To maintain these standards we ask our contributors to adhere to the subsequent guidelines:

Unique analysis, commentary, and expert opinion -

Our contributors incorporate various subjects — you can write regarding a comparable subject granted you submit a unique perspective that is corroborated by facts.

The inside scoop 

This involves news or stories you can’t obtain anywhere else on the internet.

Posts that relate to business, health & fitness, luxury, and fashion

Appropriate analysis studies or scientific findings 

Make certain your tips are bulleted and straightforward to read.

Primary reporting

This implies you communicated to the person or organization highlighted in your story and have direct quotes.


This incorporates spelling, grammar, and facts.

Word count

At least 800 word posts tend to do well. This is not a difficult and speedy rule.

No Plagiarism

The content must be free of grammatical errors and plagiarism, ideally achieving 100% uniqueness.

Niche/Category Restrictions

Posts or links related to casino/gambling, CBD, or adult content will be automatically removed and rejected without further explanation.

URL/Link Guidelines

Refrain from including open/naked - Links/URLs within the article content. Place your Links/URLs strategically within the article, avoiding the first or last paragraphs.

Image Sourcing

When including images, please provide the image source for proper attribution, and ensure there is no text written on the images.

No Promotional Content

Do not submit sales pitches or self-promotional content, as they will not be accepted.



Word count Articles must have a minimum of 800 words.
Copyright Images used in the post must be non-copyrighted.
Plagiarism The article must not be copied from another writer’s work.
References If you use information from outside sources or studies, they must be included.
Proofread Check your work to make sure there are no grammar mistakes and everything is in order.
Repeated topic Please check our blog to ensure we haven’t covered your topic before. Your guest post should fill a gap in our content, or present a unique angle on an already covered topic.
Originality The article must contain original content, not previously published on the web or in print.
Quality The article must be of high quality and be easy to read and understand.