Five great features in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018

Five great features in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018

QuickBooks is the leading accounting app that rules the heart of its millions of users worldwide. This incredible software enables you to manage the finances of your business smoothly and efficiently. QB has gained popularity because of its performance, ease of use, and reliability. The complete accounting software package of QB is available at affordable prices so that everyone can use this software.

The latest version of QuickBooks has arrived and is faster and better than before. Intuit has introduced innovative features in this release to improve the performance of this unique accounting app. QB is a fantastic accounting app, and there are fewer chances of any technical issues with it. Still, you may meet difficulty with QuickBooks, as no software is entirely free from technical glitches. In case, you are using a previous version of QB and have encountered an error while updating it, then contact QuickBooks Customer Support to get rid of this issue.

Here is an Overview of the Five Top Features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018.

The latest version has a Multi-monitor Support feature

 This innovative feature enables you to view different reports simultaneously on one, two, or even three monitors. It allows you to open separate company files on different monitors. With this new tool, you can perform various accounting tasks on different monitors at the same time. This tool will save you time and increase your productivity.

It’s Advanced Reporting’ feature is mind-blowing

This tool allows you to build robust and customizable reports based on your company’s actual data. These reports are accurate and play a significant role in analyzing the performance of your business. It also provides easy templates for contractors, manufacturing & wholesale, non-profit, and retail that help you to create the reports precisely according to your industry. It helps you to manage the data with more ease and accuracy.

The latest QB allows you to scale up to 30 users

The newer version of QuickBooks allows up to 30 users to work at the same time. This app also enables you to maintain access and control of all the user accounts. You can assign user permissions as you deem fit according to your business.

The latest version of QB has improved sales order management and inventory picking feature

With this new feature, you can arrange the orders according to priority and then fulfil them across your multiple warehouses. It enables you to view the availability of inventory right on your mobile. Also, the faster picking process works across various locations will empower the worker and improve the productivity of your business.

One-click insights dashboard

The insight dashboard represents the performance of your business with the help of graphs based on key performance indicators like profit and loss, net profit margin, income, and expenses, etc. It enables you to visualize your firm’s growth.

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