Advantages and Disadvantages of Honda BR-V, Old Engine but the Best Safety System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Honda BR-V, Old Engine but the Best Safety System

Since its debut at the Honda Indonesia International Motor Show in 2015, the Honda BR-V took off immediately after Honda marketed the low sport utility vehicle (LSUV) in 2016. However, that didn’t always go well, as sales of the BR-V dropped last year on average. Sales volume. 700 units per month. In an effort to once again appeal to the country’s low-range SUV market, Honda finally unveiled its latest Honda BR-V at last year’s auto show.

The BR-V is a low-speed SUV that is very attractive to Indonesians, especially when its looks start. In fact, the car has already won 12 awards from various Indonesian automotive media since it first hit the market, such as the 2016 ASEAN Car of the Year. Indeed, the sturdy design, spacious cabin, and economical engine are Honda’s competitive appeal. In a sufficient segment. It’s been a busy year.

This time, Honda has made several changes to the exterior by implementing a sporty concept. Some additional features are also offered to make it easier for users in everyday use, namely the one-touch ignition system to the keyless entry feature.

Considering all the changes, Honda revealed that it could be revamped this time. But before that, let’s take a look at the following pros and cons of the Honda BR-V.

Advantages of the Honda BR-V

Sportier display

The Honda BR-V has made various additions to the exterior and interior that really bring impressive changes. Although the number is small, at least the new exterior provides the right update for this car.

The changes can be clearly seen in the front view of the car, which is more confident and sporty than before. As Honda explains, there is something new on the front look of the Honda BR-V, the front grille design comes with black trim and if you look a bit like piano black then the new trim panels will have blacker trim than before. Hmmm.

Paired with the car’s front trim panels are a denser bumper and lower spoiler design, as well as LED daytime running lights. Honda has also inserted chrome trim on the fog light housings to make them look more different and unique than before. Meanwhile, at the top, the headlights of this revised version remain unchanged.

The sides of this car have not changed significantly as the dashed sculpture still shows a sporty feel. Considering that this car is sold for people who like adventure, its 201 mm ground clearance is very easy when carrying this car in uneven road conditions.

Adding new features for more convenience and safety

Complementing the exterior features of the Honda BR-V is a keyless entry system that allows you to easily open the doors without a key and a design with 16-inch rims, which is different from the previous version. A roof longitudinal beam is also available to make it easier for you to carry items on the roof.

Honda’s safest car as far as crash absorbers are concerned

G-CON plus ACETM frame structure provides good shape absorption in the event of an accident. The new Honda BR-V’s active safety features also come with ABS + EBD braking system, Vehicle Start Assist (with high stability), and Hill Start Assist, making it easier to drive after you stop on a ramp. Honda says it has installed a keyless entry, an immobilizer, and an alarm system to protect your car.

Indeed, there are no technical changes to the car. Aside from keeping the same engine, the transmission system still uses CVT and a 6-speed manual. In addition, the BR-V has a PGM FI fuel system that meets Euro IV emission standards, as required by the Indonesian government for new car purchases in Indonesia.

Certain features in the highest variant only

The new variant offers additional features that were not available in the previous model. Equipped with an 8-inch main control unit floating capacitive touch screen display audio for more comfort in the cabin provides the comfort of playing music from AM / FM radio, MP3 / WMA, Bluetooth, connectivity on smartphones, auxiliary input, and USB port.
A new feature of the Honda BR-V is the one-touch ignition system that easily starts the engine with a single touch. Quite useful and commonly used in new cars recently. The BR-V also eventually gets Auto A/C with temperature control for your convenience and that of the passengers behind you.

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