Best Places To Celebrate The New Year In India

Best Places To Celebrate The New Year In India

Celebrate New Year in India – The new year is one occasion of the year, which is celebrated by everyone irrelevant of the caste, creed, religion, or culture of the individual. Thus, it would be appropriate to call it a “Global Festival” which harmonises the soul of billions of people around the world, who pledge for an eventful and successful New Ever ahead.

Thus, it becomes quite essential to celebrate the grandeur of this occasion at some of the most exotic and mesmerising locations in the world. And if there is one country which flaunts a galore of stunning places for a sumptuous new year celebration, then it would be none other than Mighty India.

With picturesque sightseeing places, lavish accommodations and finger-licking cuisines which you would find only in this part of the world, your new year celebrations would be no less than a grand spectacle.

India hosts some of the most jam-packed locations with extremely vivid cultures and traditions. Thus, you may choose from the given places for an ideal celebration of Celebrate New Year in India.

Places to celebrate the new year in India


celebrate the new year in Goa

The irresistible glamour and panache of Goa are unparalleled throughout the country. With an electrifying crowd of people gathering for the celebration of new year’s eve on the most scenic virgin beaches, there would be few prospects better than this place for an ideal celebration of New year’s eve.

Bewitching vibes of Goa are something which makes this exotic location stand apart from the rest of the tourist places in India. Goa is also renowned for its extremely crazy themed parties like Yacht party or beach party.

Thus there would be no better place to cherish the glorious essence of Goa than in the middle of the lagoon! Celebrating the new year at the Sunburn festival would be a breathtaking experience that would be embedded in your heart forever.

If you are travelling from a foreign country, then seeking the help of a top-notch travel agency in India would be ideal for saving money and time for you.


celebrate the new year in Udaipur

This home of the “ Royal Indian Maharajas” is a blend of vintage and historical palaces that flaunts a charm of its own.

The visual magnificence of this place is just otherworldly, and the majestic ambience of the place would make you feel like taking a trip down the memory lanes if you want to celebrate this new years eve at some of the most glamorous hotels in the country, then Udaipur should be at the top of your bucket list.

A also make sure that you witness some of the most stunning wildlife experience, for which this historical place is renowned for. The delicious Rajasthani cuisine of Laal Maans and Daal Bhati would just be an ideal way to bid adieu to the prevailing year.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands-

celebrate the new year in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Cherish the beachy vibes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to celebrate the grandeur of New years eve, which would be an unforgettable moment of your life.

The Scenic majesty of the virgin white beaches, along with the mesmerising essence of the surroundings, just oozes class and panache, which remains one of the most scintillating experiences in the country.

The exotic resorts at the place would be an ideal place to welcome the warmth of the new year into your life. You may also enjoy strolling at the coastline for a heart-warming experience, Andaman is also renowned for some of the most stunning continental cuisine you would ever relish in your lives.

Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh-

celebrate the new year in Mcleodganj

Jaw-dropping backdrops of the snow-layered mountains, Verdant lush greenery, and the chilling breeze caressing your skin, Is there any experience in India which can match these traits of Mcleodganj?

Probably not! Celebrating New Years’ Eve at this stunning location is a dream of many, thus turn your dreams into reality with a breathtaking New year party at some luxurious hotel.

You may also prefer some of the thrilling adventures like trekking and hiking to kick off the new year on a high note.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh-

celebrate the new year in Kasol

If you want to escape from the boredom of conventional places and looking for an escapade of bewitching sightseeing places, then Kasol at Himachal Pradesh would make for an incredible New year destination.

The soothing tranquillity of this place is impregnable, which would harmonise your soul to the core.

The blend of lush greens along with otherworldly visual bliss of this place is unparalleled. Kasol is enriched with all nature’s most precious elements and thus would be an ideal place for a spectacular New years eve. Kasol certainly feels like the best creation of God!

Mumbai, Maharashtra-

celebrate the new year in Mumbai

Mumbai is renowned as the “ city of dreams” as many artists come from all over the country aspiring to make it big in the film industry. Mumbai is the epitome of Glamour and lavishness.

And there would be no better way to kick off the New year at some of the luxurious hotels in in the country.

With a galore of prestigious hotels like Taj, Trident, and ITC Grand, your New year would seem no less than a blockbuster Bollywood movie!

If you are on a budget, then witnessing the jaw-dropping scene of fireworks at the glorious Marine beach would be cherry on the top of the cake, and the crowd gathering at the Gateway of India is one experience you would not like to miss. Read more Spend your weekend at this farmhouse in Pune.

New Delhi-

celebrate the new year in Delhi

New Delhi is a paradise for all the party maniacs, the culture and vibes of this stunning location are just otherworldly, thus relish the opportunity of exploring the nightlife of this place with a memorable new year celebration.

Do witness some of the most stunning monuments in the country. With the likes of Qutub Minar, India Gate, and Red fort alluring massive crowds at this point of the year, New Delhi makes for an ideal location to celebrate New year’s eve.

But exploring this place on your own would be an extremely daunting task, thus availing the services of the best tour operators in India would do wonders for your celebration.

Also, only look for the most refined and certified tour planners at google, search for the reviews, and look for their authentic verification, thus now you know how to choose the best tour operators of India.


celebrate the new year in Shillong

If you have still not explored this “heavenly Beauty,” then its high time when you do. Meghalaya’s capital Shillong flaunts some of the most picturesque locations in the country.

It is due to the galore of lush green covering the mountains that it is referred to as the “Scotland of India.” This itself speaks volumes of how majestic the waterfalls and lakes at this place are.

There would be no better place for a calm and placid celebration of New year in the solitude of Shillongs’ astonishing beauty! Enjoy your trip and Celebrate New Year in India.

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