Spend your weekend at this farmhouse in Pune

Spend your weekend at this farmhouse in Pune

Are you fed up with the loud and bustling city life? Are you looking for a place where you can escape with your loved ones for the peaceful stay amidst nature? If yes, Then I have got a perfect place for you. What else can be perfect than a staycation on the farmhouse? 

VishwaVed Farms is a farmhouse located 63.4 km away from Pune is one of the best escape from Pune and surrounding cities. Spread across 20,000 sq ft, Vishwaved farms have lush green surrounding, picturesque landscape, and fresh air. It has many popular destinations nearby like Torana Fort, Rajgad Fort, etc. which will be your perfect weekend getaway from Pune and surrounding cities.

What can you visit nearby?

Well if you want to explore the nearby attractions while you are enjoying your staycation, you have plenty of options at VishwaVed Farms. Some of the most popular nearby attractions are:

  • Torna Fort

Torna Fort, a fort which is very important in Maratha history as it was the first fort captured by the Chhatrapati Shivaji, is among the favorite destinations for trekking for the trek/adventure enthusiasts. It is located 5 km away from VishwaVed farms. Thus, you can plan your visit accordingly. 

  • Gunjavane Dam

Located in Velhe, Gunjavane dam is one of the nearest beautiful destinations from VishwaVed farms. It is located around 8 km from the farmhouse. Relax and rejuvenate at the smoothing environment of the Gunjavane Dam. Discover yourself at the silence with the greenery and fort view around. Distance between Torna fort and Gunjavane dam is just 4.5 km, you can visit both the places in 1 day only. After your Torna fort trek is over you can sit alone (or with your closed ones) for peaceful time and relax at this beautiful dam.

  • Rajgad Fort

Just like Torna fort or any other fort in Maharashtra, Rajgad fort doesn’t need any introduction. If you are planning your stay at VishwaVed farms, you must not skip going for a trek at Rajgad Fort. Distance between Rajgad fort and the farmhouse is 12 km. 

  • Madhe Ghat

Located in between the Torna fort and Rajgad fort, Madhe Ghat is another beautiful and calm place near VishwaVed farms. Madhe Ghat is a developing hill station with beautiful waterfalls and mountains. You can sit and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with a beautiful view. The distance between Madhe Ghat and VishwaVed farms is 18 km.

  • Baneshwar Temple

While coming back to your home, you can visit the Baneshwar temple which is located in Nasrapur. Located around 25 km away from VishwaVed Farms and 39 km away from Pune, Baneshwar Temple is a spiritual getaway from Pune. As the name itself says, this temple is located amidst the forest of the Nasrapur which gives calm and positive vibes. At the shorter distance of 3 km, you can also visit the Baneshwar waterfall which is a wildlife preserve with scenic beauty all around. 

This is a must-visit getaway if you are looking for a peaceful escape for your weekends. 

  • Sinhagad Fort

Well, this place doesn’t need any introduction. People from Maharastra are very well aware of this place. Built around 2000 years ago, Sinhagad Fort is one of the favorite trekking destinations for trekking enthusiasts. 

If you are planning your stay at VishwaVed farms, you can definitely plan to visit Sinhagad fort too. Distance between the farmhouse and the fort is approximately 30 km which means you can easily plan your weekends accordingly.

Why should you go for a staycation?

Staycations are the type of vacation many people prefer nowadays. Staycations are hassle-free and budget-friendly short trips, usually within the city or at a shorter distance. Resorts and/or Farmhouses are the perfect and most preferred type of staycations. 

One of the advantages of going for staycations is that you don’t need to take leave from your job. You can go for a staycation on your weekends too and get back to your work with a refreshed mind. 

Why this farmhouse?

As discussed earlier, this farmhouse has popular attractions nearby which are going to make your stay exciting as well as adventurous. Apart from the nearby attractions, VishwaVed farms have got some amazing amenities like swimming pool, kitchen, play area (including cricket pitch), big parking space, TV with cable, solar hot water heater, tea service, outdoor screening, outdoor barbeque, indoor board games, bonfire, outdoor dining area and many more. 

Apart from the normal stay at this farmhouse, you can also rent Vishwaved farms for celebrating special occasions like New year party, Christmas party, Halloween party, or any other celebrations. This farmhouse is perfect for a large group outing.

I hope this article will help you to plan your next staycation near Pune. Have you visited this farmhouse already? What was your experience? Please write your feedback/review below in the comment section and let’s help those planning to visit VishwaVed farms.

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