5 Things you should do after every Workout

5 Things you should do after every Workout

The benefits of working out are many and can sometimes be life-changing, but did you know that how you take care of your body after a workout is just as important? Today I want to share 5 great tips with you to take care of your body after a workout and talk about the benefits each of these provides you with.


1. Hydrate

I know, you have heard this one before but it has to be said. A sweaty workout will leave you dehydrated, that´s just how it is. If you avoid drinking during your workout due to the extra water floating around in your belly, it is extra important for you to hydrate afterward. Either way, a glass of water will help regulate your body temperature and provide your organs with energy by helping the body transport nutrients. Hydration is key for your body to function properly and to rebound from your workout.


2. Rest and relaxation

There are many ways to rest and relax after a workout, the obvious one being a good night´s sleep after your workout, but other ways such as a cool shower or a relaxing Hong Kong massage are beneficial for you as well. The reason why a massage is so beneficial is mainly that it helps release tension and tightness and flush out toxins from your system. A massage will also help you slow down and be present for a moment and is, therefore, a great mindfulness practice where you get a chance to love your body a little extra.

3. Reflection

It does not matter what goal you have set up for yourself, it is always good to reflect and evaluate your workout. What exercises were extra beneficial? How did the workout feel? Have I fueled and rested enough before my workout? What changes can be made? What was the best part of the workout? The benefits of having a workout diary are many, and it is a fantastic way to keep you accountable and to get to know yourself and your body better. If you have never had a workout diary before, this is a sure way to see some results. A diary will help you see where you need to improve or adjust.


4. Flexibility

Research has shown that static stretching does not help with soreness after a workout, however, dynamic stretching before and/or after a workout will help you with your range of motion and make you less prone to get injured. Not only that, it will also feel great to stretch out those sore muscles that have worked so hard and get some blood flowing through tense parts of the body that did not work during your session.


5. Fuel your body

There is no need to eat a banana or have a protein shake the moment you are finished with your session, but it is beneficial to add a great source of protein within a few hours of your meal to help build muscles. Protein acts as building blocks to build your muscles and something to enjoy with every meal to be as efficient as possible. Of course, carbs and healthy fats are on the list as well.

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