6 Tips For Downsizing To A Studio Apartment

6 Tips For Downsizing To A Studio Apartment
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Are you planning to move to a studio apartment? If so, know that it can be a significant lifestyle change due to the smaller space and simplicity of the place.

While moving to a studio apartment may not be a dream living situation, it can be a great option when you are plagued by rising home prices. The housing prices in the United States experienced a 3.9% YoY increase in Jun 2023, with the increase in house prices being 2% YoY for a city like Louisville.

Tips on How to Plan for Moving Your Studio Apartment

If you are at a crossed roads about how to plan for your studio apartment move, here are some tips that can help you along the way:

1. Declutter

The first thing’s first: you need to declutter before moving out. Moving into a Smaller Space 101 says you can’t keep everything you have- yes, even if you want to.

If deciding what to keep and what to leave behind feels like an overwhelming task, start easy by assessing your possessions. Think of the things that have reached their scrap value, the things you had always covertly regretted buying, and the things that will no longer serve purpose in your new place. Throw away the items that have reached the end of their lives, sell those that will bring you monetary benefit, and donate those that would be valuable elsewhere.

The whole process of decluttering may feel tedious, but the aftermath of it will feel like a gift once you begin packing for your move. Fewer packing material means easy track of your items and a save on the coppers, making your move a whole lot easier. If you are moving to a studio apartment in Louisville, be mindful of trusting only trustworthy Louisville moving companies for a smoother relocation.

2. Get Rid of Clothes

If your closet is overflowing with clothes, you already know you don’t need them all. Consider this an opportunity to get all your clothes out and see what makes it to the new apartment. You don’t need to become an extreme minimalist by keeping just a couple of shirts and your trousers (totally do so if that’s your thing, though, no judgment), but sorting through your clothing items and only keeping what you know you will wear can go a long way in optimizing your new space.

We all have that one piece of clothing, be it a shirt or a shoe, that we swear we will put on someday, only to put them at the back of the closet and forget they were ever there. Tip: if you haven’t worn it after all these years, you probably won’t in the future either- no better time than now to bid it farewell.

3. Use Space-saving Furniture

Let’s be real: studio apartments have smaller spaces. If you have huge sofas, beds, and cupboards, you may not be able to fit them all in while simultaneously making the place more comfortable to live in. The best solution when living in constrained living spaces is to get multifunctional furniture: it is practical, makes it easy to navigate space, and may even save you some money.

A sofa that doubles as a bed, a cupboard that hides a work desk, and a table that hides almost unlimited storage space: the versatility of such multipurpose furniture can optimize your space to the next level. And the best part? You don’t have to compromise on the style or functionality. This is your chance to make your apartment “cool” and “modern” with interesting pieces of furniture. Furthermore, having furniture that serves different needs will offer you flexibility and make the transition to a smaller apartment more manageable. It’s undoubtedly a smart investment for those seeking to live comfortably and efficiently in a compact studio apartment.

4. Consider a Storage Unit

You have sorted through your closet, assessed all your furniture, and still have too many things for your limited studio apartment space. Rent a storage unit. If you are sure you will need these items later but don’t have the space to store them, keep them in storage until the time comes. Or simply use the unit to store all those belongings that are of sentimental value, but you don’t have the space to keep close to you. Be it your collection of books, figurine collectibles, or anything else, storing them in a storage unit until you find a permanent solution for them is a good place to start.

5. Make Use of the Vertical Space

Don’t limit your living style because of the limited floor space. Take advantage of all the vertical space you have. If you can’t crowd your room by cramming a cabinet or a shelf, then go for floating shelves instead. You can mount the floating shelves or cabinets on the walls in different strategic places and utilize your vertical space effectively, be it for display or storage purposes.

Floating shelves can also make your space look prettier by adding style and personality to your rooms. Go for the shelf designs that match the color scheme of your apartment and increase the visual appeal of your space.

6. Personalize the Space

Once you have moved to your new apartment, it is time to make it feel like a home. Moving from one place to another is never easy; you don’t only leave the four walls behind but also the sentimental value they hold. The best way to not feel alienated and out of your element when you move to your studio apartment is to make it feel like yours. Hang up your photo frames on the walls, display your achievements on the shelves, and decorate the place with art and posters. Surround yourself with your cherished memories to embrace the new space.


Moving to a studio apartment can be a fulfilling experience if you approach it with the right mindset and a well-thought-out plan. The smaller space of studio apartments indeed makes adjusting to it a little harder, but it also offers an opportunity to simplify your life and embrace a semi-minimalist approach. While the feelings of homesickness may make moving to a new place a difficult process, focus on how to make the most of it. Embrace the change and go with the flow. Try to make the apartment feel more familiar and comfortable for your tastes to adjust to it sooner.

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