10 Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room

10 Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room

The dining room is one of the main spaces in the house; It is where the family lives, they spend time together and share their experiences and stories from day to day, in addition to bringing together the best smells of your favorite dishes made with the love and dedication of our beloved mother or other loved ones; even if you are one of those who love cooking and prepare something special in special moments.

At Coley home, we have different styles and designs of dining rooms and Living room furniture, according to your needs and that goes better with the decoration of your home. Therefore, as we know how important this space is, we share 10 tips for decorating it that will give it that touch it needs.

  1. Centerpieces

The centerpieces give a lot of life to the home, and more when they are made of natural flowers because the smell they leave is very pleasant. The centerpieces can be of different sizes, it depends on the size of the table; They are a good option for a nice and pleasant decoration of your dining room.

  1. Lighting

The lighting in the dining room plays an important role, because it gives life and in the perfect angle it goes great to your dining room. Lamps on many occasions can be the best option for your decoration. Suspended lamps fulfill the function of illuminating and delimiting the location of the table to have a perfect decoration of your dining room.

  1. Sideboards and cabinets

The furniture for the dishes also plays an important role because, in addition to decorating the dining room, they are very useful for storing the dishes. Choose the ones that you like the most and have the style of your dining room.

  1. Chair covers

Chair covers are very useful, as they give a new look to the dining room, and it is also cheaper than reupholstering them. The covers can be made of natural fabrics such as linen or cotton, and we can choose them in neutral tones to combine with all colors and styles.

  1. Mirror composition

Mirrors are a great decorative element, they help to gain space and light. They can be combined in various styles and sizes.

  1. Folding and extendable tables

These types of tables are very practical because they can be changed in location and size, the chairs can be of light designs. Remember that the decoration depends on the space with which it is available.

  1. Dining Room Design

 First of all, review the dining room design and look for elements such as vases, paintings, custom embroidered linen napkins, etc .; that goes with the texture and shape of the dining room and thus have an excellent space.

  1. Open kitchen

In the case of having an open kitchen, the decoration of your dining room can be focused on a square table and chairs upholstered in solid colors, they give a lot of light to the home, as well as give it that modern touch.

  1. Large dining room

If you have a large space, the best option is a rectangular or oval table. The decoration can be a lamp with arms on the table or large vases with bright colors; all depending on the style of the dining room.

  1. Small dining room

If the dining room is small, the ideal for this case is an extendable round table because this way you take up less space and fit more people in the dining room; This will help that when you have visitors there are no problems with the space for them. An excellent option for your decoration Living room furniture .

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