Useful Tips To Ace Company of Heroes 3 Video Game

Useful Tips To Ace Company of Heroes 3 Video Game

Developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega for Windows, the Company of Heroes 3 is a real-time strategy video game released on 23rd February 2023. This game is the sequel to Company of Heroes 2 and is loaded with new features, mechanics, and modes. The game is set in North African and Italian theaters of world war 2. 

From dynamic maps to air support, and more intense battles, there are a lot of new things in the Company of Heroes 3 video game that will make the gaming experience of players seamless and fun. However, the 3rd version of the Company of Heroes franchise is more challenging and intense than the previous parts. No worries! 

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, read this all-inclusive blog to know various tips to stay ahead in the game and turn your defeats into victories.  

 Without further delay, let’s get started. 

Winning Tips For Company of Heroes 3 

Listed below are some useful tips to ensure your victory at every battleground in the Company of Heroes 3 video game.

  • Use Cover Always

One of the major points that make Company of Heroes 3 different from its previous parts is the overall accuracy of army troops. One of the guaranteed ways to lose even a small battle is when you expose your units. Even a marginal cover is better than nothing. Infantry units are best protected by buildings, followed by any green squares marked cover when approached near.

The squares in yellow color represent a weaker cover while the squares in white color indicate a lack of cover. If there is no cover, you can use engineer squads to construct sandbags and fighting positions. However, this is a time-consuming and lengthy process.

But once constructed, any unit can use this, even if there is no engineer squad.  Of course, the units will be more prone to damage caused by fire and explosives. So, be extra cautious and alert, and make sure to look for enemy flamethrowers and Flammpanzer tanks.

  • Make Use Of Tactical Pause

A single participant playing the game has the flexibility to pause the game by clicking the spacebar while still having a view of the battleground and the ability to issue commands. 

Doing so can help you position, build, or reinforce at the right time in case of shorter games that have low victory point limits. This can create the difference between winning and losing in any game. 

Players can use this COH3 feature to get some valuable time to examine the structure and design of the battleground and avoid making any mistakes.

Further, this also helps new players to know the strengths and weaknesses of each unit, upgrade, ability, and battlegroup before putting them into production and to the field.

  • Instantly Capture Points 

From the get-go of any battle, it is imperative for players to grab strategic points in the shortest time possible. There are different varieties of points available in the Company of Heroes 3 game. 

The first is victory points that are marked by a star on the map. The color of the points can either turn in red or blue color depending on whether the player or their opponent conquers them.

Apart from the victory points, there are other points that can be used to avail of different benefits. These points will begin to generate either munitions or fuel in-game currency.

More units can be produced by munitions while fuel is used to make vehicles like tanks. Since fuel is available in less quantity, it makes sense to capture more fuel points. One of the important points to keep in the note is that you need to connect captured points to return resources to the HQ; if the supply chain is damaged, it is not possible to gain resources from the isolated capture points.

  • Construct New Structures

Make sure to use the headquarters building to construct as many buildings as possible by choosing them from the bottom-right panel underneath the regular units. 

These buildings will help you to construct more units in Company of Heroes 3. Moreover, you will get access to special upgrades and abilities. The first kind of building will unlock more developed infantry units and weapons like mortar teams and anti-tank guns.

The second will allow you to construct a special kind of infantry unit like snipers as well as a few light vehicles. And the last type will allow the construction of heavy-duty vehicles like tanks.

Additional Winning Tips

  • Construct resource caches
  • Make use of the retreat/reinforce options
  • Reverse vehicles out of danger
  • Use battlegroups
  • Keep note of environmental threats
  • Pick up weapons from the ground
  • The right speed is important for your mission

Closing Words

That’s all about Company of Heroes 3 battle-winning tips. Hopefully, now you know some key points to stay ahead in any battle and defeat your enemy.

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