Sedecordle: All About This Fun Word Game

Sedecordle: All About This Fun Word Game

From boosting vocabulary to improving cognitive skills, building concentration, preventing boredom, and enhancing social circles, word games offer a whole host of benefits. Further, they are fun, challenging, engaging, and put your brain to work. Thanks to tech, there are a plethora of word games available online that can keep you engaged and involved. One of the popular word games that has gained immense hype in recent times is Sedecordle. Sedecordle word game is a variation of Wordle that has been recently released. But what this word game is all about? 

To understand this challenging word game, you must know a little about Wordle. So, without further chit-chats, let’s get started.

An Overview Of Wordle

Launched in 2018, Wordle is one of the most favorite and popular online word games played by millions of people around the world. In just a few years, the game has taken the internet by storm. 

Owned by the New York Times, Wordle has been dominating the internet for the past year or so. There are many variants of this word game available online to capitalize on the growing craze for Wordle.

Some of the popular versions are Dordle, Crossword, and Quordle to name a few. If you are a big fan of Wordle and love playing different word games, then you must try Sedecordle. It is a harder and more challenging Wordle spinoff that puts your word-guessing skills to the test where you have to guess multiple words in a few moves. 

Keep reading the blog to know more about Sedecordle. 

An Overview Of Sedecordle

As already mentioned above, just like Dordle, Tridle, and Quordle, Sedecordle is one of the hardest versions of Wordle that is making noise on the Internet. It is the most powerful and challenging Wordle alternative.

In Wordle, a player has 6 moves to find a 5-letter word while in Sedecordle you need to find sixteen 5-letter words in 21 moves that are hidden in the grid.

Your every move will count towards each word, meaning your first guess will help you crack other words and their associated right and wrong letters will be displayed accordingly. In this word game, a player has to guess all 16 words in just 21 moves and you cannot use the letters highlighted in grey color This means, you can only use available letters to proceed in the game.

The major difference between Wordle and Sedecordle is the number of guesses and the words to find. While you need to find a single 5-letter word in 6 moves in Wordle, in Sedecordle you need to find 16 5-letter words in 21 moves. 

Moreover, there is also a free mode on Sedecordle that gives you the flexibility to play as many as puzzles you want. On the other side, you cannot play previous or more puzzles on Wordle.

Where To Play Sedecordle?

Interested in playing Sedecordle? If yes, visit the official website. Whether on mobile phones or desktops, the website works smoothly on both devices. 

How To Play Sedecordle Like A Pro?

Open the Sedecordle game on your browser and choose from daily Sedecordle or free Sedecordle.

If you want to play the daily puzzle opt for Daily Sedecordle and if you want to have unlimited fun choose Free Sedecordle.

The rules of the game are quite simple.

  • Form sixteen 5-letter words per challenge
  • The total number of guesses is 21 
  • Correctly guessed letters will turn green
  • Incorrectly guessed letters will turn grey
  • Letters that are in the word but are in the incorrect position will turn yellow
  • You can repeat guesses
  • Words that are not acceptable will turn red

Tips To Ace The Game

Some of the tips to get ahead of the game are listed below. 

  • Once you choose between daily Sedecordle and free Sedecordle, you will find a grid on your screen having puzzle numbers on the top. Each number corresponds to a word that you have to guess. When you find the word, the number will turn green. After that, shift to another puzzle by clicking on the connected number.
  • Use vowels as most English words have at least one vowel. Once you discover some letters, finding a word is no more a real challenge.
  • Since there are only 21 moves, make sure to check the yellow and green letters in each word after each move to crack the right word faster. 

Closing Words

If you love challenges and word games, then you must try playing Sedecordle. It is one of the most challenging word games that you will really enjoy.

However, make sure to have smooth internet to enjoy playing this word game without any interruption.

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