How To Spot Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

How To Spot Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a well-known eyewear brand that creates stylish shades. The brand is so popular among a wide array of the customer base that you will find a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for men or women in the wardrobe of any average person. But like many other eyewear brands, Ray-Ban has not been kept from the long-going imitation scam.

Many imitators create fake Ray-Ban sunglasses and sell them at the same price as genuine ones to generate more profit. And this knockoff Ray-ban sunglasses look exactly like the real ones, which makes it hard to identify the fake ones. This sometimes puts every eyewear under doubt. So, if you are going to buy a new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses but are afraid of getting scammed with fake ones, this article is for you. Below in this blog post, we have listed some factors that will help you identify the genuine ones and make a good purchase. So, let’s go through the list of factors to spot fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Make Sure to Check These Things to Spot Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses


Ray-Ban sunglasses come in A-grade and are created by experts in design and optics. And fake shades won’t be. Even the highest-quality imitation aviators or clubmasters won’t match Ray-Ban’s quality standards. Genuine Ray-Bans are crafted with premium materials. So, to identify the real Ray-Ban, look for low-quality material, lighter weight, inferior finish, Improper fittings, poorly assembled parts, etc. 

Another critical aspect is the surface roughness or smoothness of the sunglass frames. Some Ray-Ban models, like wayfarers, are cut out whole from a single acetate before being polished smooth. If the shades you have picked are scrubbed, scoffed, or scratched from the front or back, then they don’t follow Ray-Ban’s quality standards and are probably fake.


Ray-Ban sunglasses are renowned for their optical lenses as much as their iconic frame designs. Sunglasses are designed to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and offer clear vision. So, most Ray-Ban shades will come with UV protection. But manufacturers of imitation Ray-Ban would almost certainly not care about this. Incorporating UV protection coating in lenses isn’t cost-effective for such illicit producers, so they won’t care about this.

Another consideration is looking at the etching on the lens. Ray-Ban lenses come in either glass or high-quality plastic, and every pair of sunglasses will have an ‘RB’ logo etched on the right lens. On older glasses, you will find BL, which stands for Bausch & Lomb. Moreover, on some pieces, you may also find an additional ‘P’ which indicates that sunglasses are polarised. In fake shades, this will be poorly etched with low-quality ink or smudged.


Another way to find knockoff Ray-Ban is by inspecting the hinges. The hinges on Ray-Ban shades should be constructed with high-quality metal and possess a high-end body. If they look cheap and flimsy, you should reconsider purchasing them. Typically genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses come with high-quality hinges that are cleanly bolted to the frames with two metal rivets on the front and two on the sides.

Ray-Ban never uses glue on their hinges. So, if you find glue residue spilling or seeping anywhere, the shades you are examining are probably fake. Furthermore, many Ray-Ban hinges feature 7 interlocking metal teeth. So, this can be evidence to prove that your Ray-Ban sunglasses are real McCoy.

Nose pads

Nose pads can be another factor in determining the authenticity of sunglasses. These should be constructed with firm rubber material. They should not be slick, flimsy, or fragile and have a super smooth body that comfortably sits on your nose bridge. The nose pads should be securely attached to the frame and not be removed easily. The nose pads in Ray-Ban metal frames will either be transparent or have a tint of light peach colour. Moreover, they will have a small ‘RB’ logo embossed at the centre. Fake Ray-bans won’t have any or all of these features on their nose pads.


Ray-Ban features the product information inside of the frame arms. The information comes in white lettering. On the left arm, you can find information about your sunglasses’ serial number and manufacturing batch. The serial number starts with the letters ‘RB’ followed by the model name of the sunglasses, for example, ‘club master’, ‘wayfarer’, ‘meteor’, etc. You can find the Ray-Ban logo on the right arm, the words ‘Made in Italy’, and the letters’ CE’. This indicates that sunglasses are certified for selling in Europe and other countries. If the text is missing, painted, smudged, or printed poorly, this is another sign that the sunglasses are fake.


All genuine Ray-ban eyewear comes with an official carrying case. However, the case might be missing in the case of vintage glasses. But for new shades, the case comes as a standard. This carry case will come with a leather-like texture body and brown or black colour. It features a hard, protective front section with a shiny golden or black Ray-Ban logo. The snap button will also have a Ray-Ban logo.

It will have clean and professional stitching on the overall body. Moreover, the original Ray Ban also comes with a booklet and a branded cleaning cloth as a standard. The printing will be excellent, and the book will be printed on high-quality matte paper. The booklet can also give you an idea of whether the sunglasses are fake. If you find any errors, from information to general spelling or grammar, you may have a pair of knockoff Ray-Ban sunglasses in your hands. 


Generally, genuine Ray-ban shades are expensive. You may find them at low prices on sales and markdowns, but they are expensive. While the price of Online sunglasses varies, the price should reflect the brand’s quality standards. Price is another sure consideration to know whether the sunnies are genuine or knockoffs. If the price is unbelievably low, they probably are.

Ending Thoughts

There are so many fake Ray-Bans roaming around the market. And whether you’re going to purchase Ray-Ban sunglasses for women or men, you surely want to avoid getting scammed with one of them. So the considerations discussed in this article will help you spot fake Ray-ban sunglasses.

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