Facts About Cashews That Are Beneficial

Facts About Cashews That Are Beneficial

Cashews have been a part of the Indian house recipes for a long time. Be it a curry or a sweet dish, they have always savoured the taste. But that is not the only reason that cashews have made their way this long in the kitchen.

This Brazilian nut which was brought to India by traders has multiple benefits and uses and adding flavour to the food is just one of them. While trading is out of reach these days, you can still reach out to cashew nuts online from Dry Fruit Zone in this technical era. And the best part is it doesn’t have any side effects of any kind. So, let’s find out all about them in one go.

The Amazing Benefits of Cashew

1.   The Heart that Matters:

The fruit of the irregular trunk grown at exceptional heights is a great choice for the heart of yours. The reason being, cashews are helpful in controlling the cholesterol level as they keep it under control. This is possible cashews increase the holding capacity of HDL which is primarily responsible for absorbing cholesterol and hence keeping it away from the heart as well as the liver. It can be said that these white nuts are good at keeping heart diseases at bay.

2. Cleanses Blood:

Yes, the presence of copper in cashews helps your body to eliminate the radicals present. Regular and controlled consumption can take care of blood diseases as well. Additionally, since it is enriched with copper, the chances are great that you will not suffer from the deficiency of iron either and are safe from health problems are anaemia.

Cashew Nuts

3. No More Eye Patches:

Given the daily life of busy working hours and even the pollution, there’s a lot your eye goes through. But you’ve got to take care of it and yes you have guessed it right, cashews are a saviour here too. The presence of the pigment called ZeaXanthin makes it possible for cashew to take care of the beautiful pair of eyes. It is a powerful antioxidant and is easily absorbed by the retina of the human eye. The protective layer hence formed is responsible for providing protection against the UV rays of the sun.

4. The Glow of the Skin:

Just like cashews don’t lose their charm ever, the same can be said for the skin if you make sure to consume it regularly. If not the nut itself, then you can opt for the cashew oil instead. This is equally rich in selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium as well. Other than these, it is also rich in proteins, antioxidants and even phytochemicals. But for the skin, the majority credit goes to the presence of selenium which is also found helpful in preventing cancer.

5. The Weight-Loss Strategy:

If you are the one who has been thinking that richness in calories can make you gain weight, then correct yourself right away. The regular and appropriate consumption of cashews has been found to be helpful in shedding weight faster rather than gaining it. This happens because of the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in them. The presence of these makes the metabolism faster which is what your body needs to lose weight.

6. The Fibre Filling:

The main reason cashews have been favoured so much by the studies and our ancestors is because of the richness of fibre in them. The two dietary fibres found in cashews are palmitic acid and oleic acid and given the fact that they are not produced by your body, cashews are an excellent source for these. The reason why dietary fibres are important is that they help in smoother food digestion which eventually keeps the digestive issues at a distance.

7. The Beautiful Hair:

So much about skin and health of the body, but did you know that cashew and even the cashew oil can be helpful in taking care of your hair. Once again, the presence of copper is the key to the healthy hair you have been dreaming of. This helps in the production of the pigment called melanin which is great for hair as well as the skin. Moreover, due to the presence of several acids in it, it can also enhance the colour of your hair. And on top of all can help you in achieving the smooth and silky hair texture that you have wanted for so long now.

The Mighty Cashew Takeaway

Cashews are one of the lowest fibre nuts which are otherwise jam-packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and carbohydrates. They are definitely a great choice for you and even your family and friends. Wondering where to get the quality ones, then buy Cashew nut online at Dryfruitzone. 

So, now that you know the many benefits of consuming a handful of cashews, spread the word about it and let everyone enjoy the glowing skin, smooth and silky hair and a healthy life coming with the pouch of favourite cashews.

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