How to Get the best value for your used Car – You should Know

How to Get the best value for your used Car – You should Know

Selling an old car is one of the toughest things you can do. Not only does it hold sentimental value, but you can quite easily sell it for peanuts. Then comes the problem of overpricing it when you put it on the market and it can quite easily chase away customers. So, how do you get the best value for your used car?

Here are 8 simple to follow steps that will help you get the best deal – no matter what.

  • Setting a price – As mentioned earlier, pricing is one of the biggest factors when it comes to selling a used car. If you don’t know how to evaluate your car’s worth, get a professional to help you out. You can also use one of the many online car valuation tools to reach a proper price. Another way you can get to a realistic amount is to ask around about the model of the car and see what numbers you can find.
  • Fixing what you can – While a cracked headlamp might seem like a small thing to you, a buyer will see it as you never really looked after the car properly. This will also give him second thoughts about other parts of the car and whether they are properly functioning or not. It is best to fix or repair whatever you can before you show it to the buyer.
  • Checking the important things – While dents in the door will not get you in trouble with the police, a broken side-view mirror or a smashed in headlamp will surely get the job done. You might want to check all the important parts like the headlamps, warning lights, windows and windshield, rearview and side-view mirrors, and the horn are in perfect working condition.
  • Provide information – If you are selling the car through an ad, you should be providing the buyer will detailed information such as the total mileage of the car, the number of owners (if more than 1), how many services the car has gone through, was the car involved in any accidents, and manufacturing year.
  • Always be honest – If you know that something in the car has completely broken down or is about to anytime soon, you should be honest and tell the buyer. While this will reduce your asking price, it will help form a relationship of trust between the two of you. This will also help you in the future if you need to sell another car or if the buyer knows of someone who is looking for a used car. Your reputation will help you get more customers through that one buyer.
  • Sell it visually first – Before the buyer can take the keys and drive off into the sunset, they are more often than not, going to want to see the car. You need to get some bright, clear, and high-quality images so that the buyer knows exactly what they are getting. Take pictures of the car from the front, the back, from the side, and with the doors open. This will show the buyer everything inside and outside the car so that they come prepared. But, it is important to clean up the car and wash it before you can take any photos.
  • Keep all the documents ready – Whether you’re buying used cars in Bhopal or in Gurgaon, no one likes to be kept waiting unnecessarily. That is why it is important to keep all the required documentation ready before the buyer even shows up. You can get an RC transfer ready from the RTO so that the buyer can see that you are ready to sell. If you can type and print out a bill for the car, it would help even more as it shows professionalism. Plus, it will take all the pressure off your shoulders once the buyers sign their names on the forms.
  • Be friendly and hospitable – One of the biggest things when it comes to selling a used car is the power of a smile and pleasant conversation. When the buyer comes to see the car, you should look presentable, clean, and you should be able to hold a conversation before jumping into the business. This will get the buyer relaxed and will make them feel at home. If the buyer is comfortable and enjoys your company, it is likely that they will buy the car from you.

With these 8 handy tips, you will find it extremely easy to sell used cars anywhere. They can be applied to all types of cars and all types of buyers as well. So, next time you plan on selling a second-hand car, use these 8 tips and tricks and you will have no trouble handing over the keys to the new buyer.

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