5 Places to Explore in Europe by Train

5 Places to Explore in Europe by Train

Train traveling is time pocket-friendly but time-consuming. But trains also gives us plenty of time to admire the journey and everything that falls in that journey to make every moment memorable.  Europe is a very beautiful place filled with nature and charm, the train is exactly what one is going to need while exploring Europe.

Have a cozy seat nearest to the window or settle down in a sleeping compartment stretching legs, trains are all about comfort and efficiency.

Let’s have a look at 5 most memorable trip you can take while traveling in Europe by train:

1)    Montreux to Broc by The Chocolate Train :

Switzerland is not only famous for its railroads but also for chocolates and just when you thought it can’t get more interesting they put them together and make them The Chocolate Train, it is a first-class train running from Montreux- Oberland-Bernois.

This train runs from May to October, greeting travelers with delicious coffee and croissants and let them enjoy views of vineyards and bucolic countryside. They also offer travellers tour to cheese factory and local castle.

Route: Montreux to Broc

Duration: 9 hours 45 minutes

2)    London to Venice by The Venice- Simple- Orient- Express

One of the most luxurious train in the world is owned by Belmond Ltd. It is an elegant train, with air-conditioned vintage cabins and beautiful dining with a theatre for entertainment.

It takes passengers from London to Venice by letting them admire the exquisite scenery of the Swiss Alps, mountains, lakes, etc.

Route: London to Venice

Duration: 2 days/1night

3)    Venice to Budapest- The Balkan Odyssey

The train with beautiful private cabinet taking passengers to their destination by allowing them to enjoy the intriguing journey. This train takes stops for sightseeing at Bran Castle, the Turkish baths, the mosque of Sarajevo and many others with luxury.

The 10 days itinerary starts with elegance and ends at luxury with all modern conveniences, fine dining, etc. It also allows travelers to have a walking tour in the town where legends of Dracula being born is rumored.

Route: Venice to Budapest

Duration: 10 days

4)    Nice to Rome by Flavours of Tuscany

The train is known for slow tourism to compel passengers to fall in love with Tuscany. This luxurious train with a beautiful interior allows them to explore Pisa, Lucca, Florence, Siena, and many more Roman cities.

Mini, cozy and air-conditioned luxurious coaches provide travelers 3-star hotel comfort with delicious dinner and continental breakfast. If can also explore India by luxury trin via Deccan Odyssey.

Its offer luxurious facilities and aminities onboard such as guest Deccan Odyssey cabins and coaches, restaurants onboard, gym and spa and many other luxury facilities.

Route: Nice to Rome

Duration: 6 days

5)    Austria to Italy by Habsburg trail

The Habsburg empire developed a coffee trade to meet their demand for the coffee craze, this train takes passengers to witness all those trails. The train goes through beautiful cities like Vienna, Graz, Ljubljana, and Trieste allowing passengers to admire the art, architectural and beautiful culture throughout the whole journey with an additional walking tour in Old Town of Graz.

Route: Austria to Italy

Duration: 8 days

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