10 Dressing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

10 Dressing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

Want to look flawless all the time? Then you must master the skill of dressing chic and stylish.

It’s not an easy feat to dress your best whether you are going to work, formal event or hitting to the grocery store. However, with some handy fashion tips, you can look great on a daily basis effortlessly. What are these tips, you ask? Without further ado, let’s begin.

#1: Find a Good Tailor

The work of a good tailor is like having a designer wardrobe at home. I know I know who wants to spend extra money to get semi formal dresses or even casual outfits stitched.

Soon you will realize that there is nothing better than having a garment that fits you precisely. When you are getting outfits stitched, you can use cheap embellishment to make them look fancy. The best part is your outfit will look luxurious and no one even will know how much you have spent.

#2: Buy a Dress That Goes With Your Body Shape

It is never wise to shop for endless outfits without trying them on. By trying them on, you can see whether or not they fit the shape of your body. Whatever you wear will only look flattering if it suits your body shape well.

For this, you will have to figure out your body shape. You either have an apple, pear, hourglass or athletic shape body. Once you know your body type, you can also fill your wardrobe with the outfits that highlight the best parts of your body. This will immediately boost your confidence as well.

#3: Mix Different Patterns

Whenever you feel like adding life to your wardrobe, nothing is better than mixing different patterns. If you have been wearing solid colors for a while, embracing stripes, gingham, checks, and florals would be a great idea.

Just make sure that the patterns you choose complement each other. To stay safe, choose two patterns with matching color palettes. Everyone will admire your fashion sense.

#4: Pick Colors That Complement Your Skin Tone

Some colors look great on you and not others. Have you wondered why? It’s because everyone has a different skin tone. The colors you choose if complement your skin tone will make you look good.

For those with a cool complexion must shop for blue, silver, grey, black and white colors. On the other hand, if you have warm undertones, pick gold, olive, red, yellow and brown. Knowing which colors suit you make it easier to shop for dresses.

#5: Don’t Show Too Much Skin

If you want to dress to impress, you should never reveal too much skin. To nail your look every time, it’s best to show just one part of the body.

Let’s suppose your legs are your best feature. In that case, wear a high neck mini dress with long sleeves. Similarly, if you want to show cleavage, wear a full-length dress. Whenever you are in doubt, reveal less instead of more skin. This will ensure you look elegant at all times.

#6: Always Have a Scarf

There must be some trendy and classic scarves in your wardrobe. It’s an ultimate best-dressed accessory. Always carry one in your purse. It will be enough to transform your look. You just have to tie a knot and it will do the trick.

#7: Invest In a Stylish Coat

Never make outwear an afterthought. Let’s say you are not wearing something great under a trench coat but you are wearing a trendy trench coat, people will never know. Therefore, you must have two or three stylish coats in your wardrobe.

#8: Buy Statement Studs

How can we forget about jewelry? A girl’s best friend is statement studs. They are a minimalist piece of jewelry but they can transform your whole look. Make sure you buy a bunch of wonderful studs. There is no harm in wearing them every day.

#9: Have a Perfume, a Lipstick, and Umbrella With You

If you are wondering what are a woman’s go-to accessories, it’s a great perfume, a boom lipstick, and an umbrella to save from the sunny or rainy day.

Let’s say you are invited to a last-minute invent. All you have to do is grab that lipstick from your purse, apply it and spray some fragrance on. You will be ready to impress everyone.

#10: Wear a Nude Pair of Shoes                                    

Whenever you are in doubt, wear nude pumps. They look great with any outfit. You can even wear them with Khadi tops for women. These shoes will make your outfit pop out.

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