Important Advice To Wearing Perfume for Office and Interview

Important Advice To Wearing Perfume for Office and Interview

Wearing perfume can perk up any look. Just a single spritz is enough to make you smell like a million buck making everyone notice you and your personality. Although wearing perfume is a must no matter where you go, it is also essential for you to lay extra emphasis on what kind of scent you are wearing. You don’t wear the same clothes wherever you go. Something which looks fine in the club will be frowned upon in the office. Every location calls for different attire and behavior so you cannot expect the same fragrance to work in similar fashion at different places, especially offices.

The place of work requires you to show some seriousness with professionalism. If you are a team leader, boss or employee, you have to maintain decorum for the place which includes the way you dress, apply makeup or wear perfume. If you are finding it confusing to search for the perfect fragrance for office, we are here to help you with expert advice and tips.

Scents suitable for office:

An office is a place where you cannot wear every kind of fragrance. You have to choose it carefully keeping what others will think about you. Some of the popular scents suitable for the offices are watery notes, green notes, and citrus notes. These are fresh fruity fragrances with a subtle fragrance. They do not overwhelm one’s senses but make them feel good whenever they are around you. Another option is woody, which comprises of aromatic wood.

Follow two spray rules:

The two spray rule of perfume is applicable everywhere. Perfumes have higher fragrance concentration as compared to the deodorants so you do not need a lot. Apply two sprays on your pulse points and you are good to go. In case you have a strong fragrance that you love, but you do not want to overdo with it, spray the Chris Adams Perfumes in the air and walk in the scent cloud created by it. Also, you can just apply one spray of these and this way you can reduce its strength while enjoying the fragrance.

Make it Long Lasting:

If you have a busy schedule and you wish your perfume to be a little more long-lasting and with good sillage, there are some tricks to it. Apply perfume on your hair, in small amounts by spraying it on the hairbrush and brushing your hair with it. Apart from it, you can apply the perfume on your pulse points.

Carry Miniatures:

If it is possible, carry miniature perfumes with you. Use these mini perfumes to freshen up your fragrance whenever you feel like. These are small enough to fit into your purse, handbags or pockets.

Perfume for Interview:

While preparing for the interview, we all try to keep everything in perfect order. From picking the best outfit to the way we will shake hands or speak, it is normal for anyone to be overwhelmed with the process. Perfume can come in handy at this time to help you relax and stand out in the right way in the interview process. Here are some tips for you to choose the fragrance best for interviews:

Not too loud:-

You must avoid all kinds of loud fragrances or strong scents in interview. When you will step inside the room, your fragrance will be the second thing the interviewer will notice and loud scents can give a bad impression about your personality. Stick to the gentle notes such as fresh, light Orientals, delicate florals, citrusy herby fragrances and so on. Brands like Chris Adams Eau De Toilette Parfum have a wide range of gentle yet noticeable fragrances like Active Man and Active Woman.

Less is more:-

You might love perfumes but try to keep this love in controlled manner while applying perfume for an interview. No one likes to sit with a person who has applied too much perfume. So, for interview, follow the “Less is more” rule. Apply just 2 sprays of perfume and it is enough for you for the interview.

For interview and for office, if you will follow these simple tips, you will be the talk of the entire organization. Choose high-quality fragrances from a trusted brand so that you can get an unadulterated fragrance experience.

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