What Are The Most Visited Places in Pakistan in 2019?

What Are The Most Visited Places in Pakistan in 2019?

A person who travels is like a book with many chapters. If you are in Pakistan, then you have the best places to visit. That’s why international reputed magazine, Forbes, classified Pakistan in the top 10 coolest places to visit.

In this post, we will tell you about the places, which are frequently visited by tourists from inside and outside of Pakistan. These places carry significance in providing satisfaction to tourists. However, your experience can be more fantastic if you visit these places. So, you must keep reading for more knowledge.

Naran Kaghan Valley

This valley is on the top of the list. People from Punjab and other areas plan their whole year in order to save days to stay in Naran Kaghan valley. The main tourist attraction of Naran Kaghan valley is spending sceneries, pleasant soul-nurturing weather, and overall beauty in the landscape. You can see top peaks of the Himalayas covered in snow along with beautiful SaifulMalook Lake. Folk tales are abundant in those areas. Local people are friendly and cooperate with tourists. But rent prices in motels are too expensive. That’s why you should also consider your budget before visiting Naran Kaghan valley.


It’s second on the list and popular destination among Pakistan middle-class diaspora. Every visitor of Skardu always mentions breathtaking places, which engulfed them with strange sensations. People who have an interest in climbing and trekking have a goal to trek around Skardu. Especially in Summer. In Winter, conditions are too dangerous. You can find luxury resorts to stay in. But you can also camp your way down to Skardu. If you want to know the landscape more deeply, then you can always hire a local guide.


The valley where you can find springs coming out of hard cold mountains. There is a special significance of Hunza water. Some tourists bring back at least a gallon with them. Ancient Altit Fort is one historical place in Hunza, which surprises tourists. Built on a mountain cliff, Altit Fort was the king’s place in history. When you are in Hunza, then you can witness majestic Rakaposhi Mountain, which is always a breathtaking scene. If you visit Hunza in Spring, then all colors of soil will welcome you with beauty.

Kalash Valley Chitral

The valley of majestic mountains and colorful sceneries is number four on our list. When Prince William and Kate came to Pakistan as official guests, then they visited Chitral and met local indigenous tribal people of Kalasha clan. Kalasha people are the descendants of Greeks and follow their ancient religion. You can visit Chitral when the festival begins. This way you will get the most fun out of your tour. If you are a trekking enthusiast, then you can find your vanity in Bamburat valley, which is around 11 KM from the main Chitral valley.

Leepa Valley

At number fifth position, we have Leepa valley for you. Tourists visiting Azad Kashmir never miss a chance to visit Leepa valley. People live there in ancient times. You can find herds of sheep and goats along with paddy rice fields. In Winter, there is snow all around. But in Summer, you will find lush green scenes everywhere. That’s why we recommend you to visit this valley in Summer. Another recommendation is not to take photos of local women. It can get you in a lot of trouble.

Malam Jaba Swat Valley

The best place to stay in Summer is Malam Jaba Swat valley. There is an abundance of Pine trees in this valley. And all mountains are covered in lush green grass. Local people are cooperative and you can find plenty of people offering food in return for money. People from KPK treats Malam Jaba as a weekend destination. In Winter, you can find unique adventures of skiing. Every year people from all over Pakistan gather in the valley just to enjoy Skiing. And no other place in Pakistan has a suitable place for Skiing. Other than Malam Jaba.

Neelum Valley

The most astonishing part of Azad Kashmir is Neelum valley. People from all over Pakistan plan their trip to Neelum valley in Summer. The main attraction is refreshing air along with mesmerizing views. You can photograph yourself on the lap of Nature. Neelum river is also one of its kind. The water is freezing and you cannot hold your feet in Neelum for one minute. Even if you visit Neelum valley in full Summer. The natural structure of Neelum valley compels visitors to come back in the future.


Just a few miles from the Capital of Pakistan, there lies a mountain range, which was a hill station from colonial times. Murree has an influx of tourists all around the year. Nathia Gali, Ghora Gali, Ayubia, Bhurban, and Lora are popular spots for leisure and pleasure. But due to the influx of visitors, finding a place to stay is a difficult task. It’s because rents are high and things are expensive. But you can witness the best snow in Winter. If you can afford all expenses, then you can stay in Pearl Continental and play Golf in Chanar Club.


The most visited hill station in Balochistan is Ziarat. You can find old Juniper trees there. Some trees are even more than 5000 years old. You can enjoy the pleasing breeze in Ziarat both in Winter and Summer. But you will have to take your amenities with you because Ziarat is the most remote place you can visit in Balochistan. The fruits of Ziarat will also surprise you. In Winter, you can find the best cherries. And in Summer, you can find mouth-watering Apples. It is a delightful experience to visit Ziarat.

Wrap up

We have described the places where visitors set their feet more often. All these places are hilly areas. If you are visiting from hot climates, then we advise you to carry enough warm clothes. Booking app in Pakistan Otherwise, you can get a fever right after landing your feet in those valleys. Have a good day and plan your trip wisely.

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