Are You an Alcoholic? 10 Warning Signs of Addiction

Are You an Alcoholic? 10 Warning Signs of Addiction

It’s not always easy to determine if your drinking habit is crossing the line. It’s a common way to unwind in many cultures, making it difficult to get a specific gauge on how much moderate or social drinking is supposed to be since every it’s different for every case. However, if you’re consuming alcohol as a way to deal with emotional problems, you may be putting yourself at risk of addiction. Here are ten warning signs to watch out for.

You Drink A Lot More

Have you tried to stop or reduce your drinking and failed? That compulsion to drink is a sign of addiction, Michigan Medicine from the University of Michigan says. Start looking for alcohol rehab in Florida for help.

Alcohol is Your Life

All your social activities revolve around drinking. You don’t want to do anything, nor are you interested, in anything else, very well says. You only want to go to parties if you get to drink alcohol, and all your thoughts focus on getting your next glass or bottle.

You’re Blacking Out

Drinking yourself into oblivion is a common occurrence for many alcoholics. If you’re having regular blackouts, and can’t remember the events of the previous night, it’s time to get help. Blackouts compromise your personal safety, so the sooner you receive treatment, the better.

Increased Tolerance Levels

Prolonged heavy drinking leads to growing tolerance levels. Increased tolerance means you’ll need to consume more alcohol to achieve the same results. Greater tolerance levels lead to abuse, dependence, and, eventually, addiction.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms can go from mild to moderate, and serious and may include fatigue, anxiety, or depression. Also, expect sleep problems, loss of appetite, irritability. In worst cases, though, shaking, trembling, or seizures may happen.

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Changes in Priorities

Your responsibilities and interests no longer matter to you. Your only priority is getting your next drink. You don’t care about losing your job or performing poorly at school. You’ve lost interest in your hobbies.

Getting into Trouble

Alcoholism leads to the loss of inhibitions, which can result in aggressive behavior. If you keep getting into fights, start thinking about checking into rehab.

Engaging in Risky Behaviors

Loss of inhibition also means you’re more likely to engage in unsafe safe. Drinking and getting behind the wheel can lead to car accidents. If you’re stealing to fund your addiction, that’s another example of risk-taking behavior.

Drinking Even Knowing the Consequences

You know alcohol is bad for you. You’ve seen the results. But you keep drinking anyway, even when you see the damage it’s wrought on your life and relationships. If your friends keep getting on your case, it may be time to listen to their advice.

Dishonesty and Defensiveness

There’s a reason why you’re hiding your drinking from your loved ones. Ask yourself why you feel the need to defend your drinking habit. You may think it’s nothing, but the fact that you’re going to great lengths to hide it means you recognize that the behavior is wrong.

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