Top Tour Stops in UK for Halal Friendly Roamers

Top Tour Stops in UK for Halal Friendly Roamers

Amidst the scurries of fast-paced digital times, a blissful escape from the worldly trap is the only way to reconnect with your loved ones. It’s not a bad idea to keep your official appointments aside and plan a familia packed halal holidays to give due time to your loved ones.

Instead of just fun, we advise you to let your little captains enlightened with the awe-inspiring Muslim/Islamic constructions nestled in the Non-Muslim premises. Let them be proud of how these Muslim sites represent the true colors of Islam in the non-Muslim territory.

The U.K is one of the top Islamic tourist spots for a securest Halal vacationing time. The Muslim visitors also get the thriving chance of hopping in the busses to feel the sightseeing experience of the long history between Britain and Islam.

Furthermore, U.K’s London is the home of more than 1 million Muslims. So the Muslim owned food courts and halal meals are not difficult to find.

The U.K Muslim households must also spare some family time from their busy schedules for a thrilling bus tour to the historical links.

The proud possessor of the Muslim constructions is none other than the U.K‘s capital London. It has a circular route that takes the visitors to London’s touristy Muslim spots.

Top Muslim friendly Spots in London

The United Kingdom contains the some top touristy Muslim spots which all the Muslim locals and foreigners alike must get to go. These Muslim spots invite for an ideal halal family time. These spots are as follows

East London Mosque

As per Wikipedia, East London Mosque is the biggest Mosque in U.K which accommodates more than 7,000 devotees for the congregational prayers. This beautiful Mosque was the first mosque to be allowed to use loudspeakers to broadcast the Adhan.

Go with your lovely teens to offer your prayer and watch the marvel of this Muslim construction in London.

The British Museum

This is a world-renowned Museum that was opened up in 1750s. You can also take your kids to see the hidden Muslim treasures present in the Museum. This enchanted Museum also tells the story of human culture from its beginning to the present. So this must-visit spot is also a delight for the history geeks and anthropology students


Cornhill is the oldest coffee shop in London that was founded by 1652 by a Turkish businessman. It is another never to miss coffee court if you are on a London visit with your families. This shop is also referred as the “the Turk’s Head”

The studies show that it was rebuilt in London in 1666 and again in the 19th century. Now it is known with the name of Jamaica Wine House.

Langham Resort

If you are looking for a suitable stay station for your family, then you don’t need to worry because London has several family-friendly luxury hotels and resorts. Among the plethora of awesome resorts, we recommend you to consider the Langham Resort.

This comfy resting place is located in Marylebone with several newly-refurbished rooms. These rooms readily provide you with the family-friendly ambiance. These swanky Langham rooms also allow you to enjoy the thrilling views of Regent Street.

Palace of Whitehall

Whitehall is a road in the city of Westminster London. It is also known as the center of the Government of the United Kingdom. Upon standing by this road never forget to view the unique Turkish cannon captured by the British Army from Egypt in 1801.

Big Ben Tower

There is hardly any European lover unknown about the iconic landmark of London. This is none other than the iconic Clock Tower of the House of Parliament known as Big Ben. It was built on 31st May 1859. If you find the clock illuminated then, understand that the Parliament is in session.

You would be amazed to know that the clock of this spectacular London tower has rarely stopped and its timekeeping is strictly monitored through by the stack of coins placed on the huge pendulum.

On your Halal travel, you must get to know about activities of the first Muslim parliamentarian of United Kingdom named as Lord Abdul Rehman.

These must-see U.K Muslim sites are open to exploring for every Muslim and Non-Muslim trip alike.

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