Top Must-Try Middle Eastern Dishes

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Traveling to middle eastern countries also include the exploration of local traditional Arab/ Non Arab dishes. I was to find the best dishes in the middle east on the internet and found some of them I will share with you in this blog. This habit came to me by one of my friends from China. When he visited my hometown so he was having the list of top best restaurants in every town in my country. Not only this, he knew about the top best dishes in the area and also the dishes restaurants are famous for. This was pretty cool to me and then I had this habit in me.

Whenever I and my family travel to somewhere, along with the other lists, a food list is also made and we already get the idea of what we will have to eat on the ground we are going to discover and where we will sit to dine, and where the lunch would be available. Add this to your habit or not, you should have the idea of the top best dishes you will find in your Middle East Holidays in 2021.

People are finding the early bookings of their future trips for having holidays. This blog is for the people who are tending to have holidays in the middle east and those who are finding better December Umrah Packages, This list of dishes would help you a lot to have the better food experience in your way.

Top Best Middle Eastern Dishes You Must Try:

I’m listing down the top best dishes which I consider the top dishes you should try while tripping the middle eastern countries. All these dishes are tested by me and my colleague travelers. Try these dishes and give reviews to your friends and family, it is fun.

Mandi – It is an All-time Favorite:

If you ask me that what is the all-time favorite dish in the middle east, I would say it is Mandi. This is the most liked dish in middle eastern countries like the UAE, KSA, Turkey, and Egypt. This dish is made of the flavored rice and with that, underground cooked Chicken, Mutton, or beef. While writing, I wish I could have this dish to try this time. Such a mouth-watering and delicious dish you should not miss out on your trip of the middle east. Mandi is a cultural dish and made on the main events. You will be served by this dish on the top-notch restaurants of Dubai, Egypt, Turkey that are famous for its traditional dishes.

Kofta – Another Traditional Dish:

Kofta is another very traditional dish in the middle east and even in South Asia. You can find this dish in India, Pakistan too. The main center of the dish in the middle east where the protocols of the dish are different. Kofta is a dish made of the balls of minced meat and its curry. Meat can be of Chicken, lamb, mutton, or beef. It is made in the traditional spices and considered the best-tested dish. You in the middle east trip should try the dish with the Arabian Bread, loof, or simple white rice. The restaurants who serve the dish also provide the green salads and yogurt that makes the dish more delicious for your dining experience. Mostly in Arabs, spices are used in their dishes but if you are not comfortable with the local spices, you can ask the restaurant managers to make the dish with your consumption of spices.

Shwarma – It is an amazing Arab Dish:

Shwarma is an Arab dish but got its name at every nook of the world. Even it is also known as a roadside dish, available at every second restaurant in the world. The origin of the dish in the middle east. I remember on my very first visits to Dubai, I found this dish in the town very famous and then it spread out. Shwarma is made of the Chicken, Salads, Mayo, sauces, and spices wrapped, rolled in Parathas, or the special type of Bread made for the purpose. You will have the best quality to average quality Shwarmas around, you have to choose the quality.

Tabbouleh – A light Dish:

Tabbouleh is a light dish like Salad you can take as an appetizer. If you are a vegetarian and also calorie conscious, you should go for it. This dish is made of many vegetables together that we take normally as a salad. With little spices and sauces, you fry the vegetables together and serve with the fresh green leaves. I tried it when I was in Dubai. I found it on the menu of one of the leading restaurants and enjoyed it with one piece of meat. It is healthy for the kids also.

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