Highly Effective Page Creation Procedure that Gets your Wikis Approved

Highly Effective Page Creation Procedure that Gets your Wikis Approved

People create every day, more than fifty thousand wiki pages or articles, across the planet. However, the number of pages that are uploaded on the official platform is quite less than this. Why do you think not every wiki article or page makes it on to the official platform? There must be reason, right?

Well, according to many experts in the wiki page creation industry, who have spent years in the creation of wiki pages in the industry, the creation of a wiki page is not an easy task. When you create a wikipedia page, if you are not careful then your wiki pages will not make through to the official platform. 

Every Wikipedia page or article, which is created has to go through a highly critical and strict screening process. Most of the wikis that go through this screening process often fail to get the approval of the platform and end up getting rejected. There are many reasons why a wiki page may be rejected. However, we are not going to focus on the reason of the rejection in this piece. In this article, we will be focusing on a much more positive aspect, which is the proven way of wiki page creation. A procedure, which is used by professional wiki writers across the world and this procedure, if followed correctly can guarantee the approval of your wiki articles or pages. 

Step 1 – Create Your Wiki Account:

Most professional wiki writers usually recommend every beginner to create their accounts and get themselves registered on the platform before they start with the page creation process. The reason behind this is quite simple. Once you have an account on Wikipedia, your performance is recorded, which leads to the making of your reputation in the wiki page creation industry. The registration process is extremely simple and simply requires you to visit the platform and follow the instructions after clicking the “create account” option on the top right corner of your web page.

Step 2 – Create a notable title for your page:

When you talk about choosing a topic or title for your wiki article then you need to understand the notability criteria of the platform. Just keep in mind that whatever you decide your topic to be, it should meet the notability standards of the platform. Along with meeting the notability criteria of the platform, your wiki pages also need to be unique. Wikipedia declines two pages on the same topic, therefore; you should take extra care when selecting a topic for your wiki page or article.

Step 3 – Research:

Research makes the wiki page. It is your research that helps you provide reliable information about a topic to the general public through this platform. Conducting thorough research is extremely important to create wikis that will stand a chance of approval. Every writer must also ensure that they provide references and make use of citations as much as they can in order to authenticate their information as much as possible.

Step 4 – Writing:

This step requires every wiki writer to, first familiarize themselves with the writing policies of the virtual encyclopedia. Knowing the writing policies increases the chance of following them when the writing is being done. Wiki pages need to be written in a highly neutral tone and also be free of any promotional content. Now, in case of any promotional content on the page, the page will surely be rejected. In case your wiki page does not follow the writing policies, your wikis will surely be rejected. It is extremely important to make sure that you are writing the wiki article with extreme caution regarding the above-mentioned things.

Step 5 – Page Submission:

Finally, all you have to do now is to submit your wikis for the final screening. Since, like every other wiki page, your wikis will also be reviewed, therefore; it is a good idea to go through them yourself first and omit and change anything that might cause the rejection of your page or article.

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