New to Dirt Bike Riding? These Tips are For You

New to Dirt Bike Riding? These Tips are For You

As an adventurous person, you might probably be interested in dirt bike riding but scared to ride it. You might have seen stunt videos of professional riders on the internet and want to try it. According to expert rider Jet Kernaghan, there is a certain allure to dirt bike riding. Those who love riding normal bikes are attracted to trying new stunts with their bikes. However, it isn’t okay to ride a dirt bike if you’re a new rider or biker. It is better to know what you are doing before you ride that bike.

Why do People Ride Dirt Bikes?

Some people ride dirt bikes on off-roads for many reasons. Some individuals love riding dirt motorcycles just for the thrill of it. While some do it as a form of exercise or just because it’s fun. But no matter what your reason is, dirt bike riding is a fun thing to do. It helps you to exercise your muscles. Additionally, it also equips you with the riding skills you need to maintain different speeds. If you’re new to dirt riding and don’t know what to do, don’t worry. This article will help you out. Here are some useful riding and safety tips for new riders to make their dirt riding journey smooth.

Useful Riding Tips to Help Newbies in Dirt Riding

Get an Instructor to Train you

As stated earlier, tarmac road riding differs from riding on an off-road. First-timers new to dirt riding have said that they felt as if it was their first time riding. This is why Jet Kernaghan advises new dirt riders to train first before riding on a dirt road. They can get a professional to instruct them to make their riding journey smooth and easy.

Advantages of Having a Dirt Bike Riding Instructor

  • The professional is better equipped to assess your riding skills.
  • He can also correct any riding mistakes you make during the training.
  • Another advantage of having an instructor is that he can pass his own riding experience to you.
  • All the knowledge he has like body positioning, riding gear tips, and safety tips will be passed on to you. All in all, when you train with an instructor, you will see the motorbike as your friend.
  • In addition, you’ll be more used to riding the bike and getting comfortable with it. This makes you a better rider on the off-road when you ride for real.

Use the Right Motorbike

Using a big motorbike doesn’t mean it is the right choice. The best bikes for riding dirt roads are bikes made specifically for that purpose. You can find bikes on many Australian retail outlets online. Or you can visit any bike sales shops in Australia. However, for dirt bikes, it is not easy to find them because they serve some specific purpose. Not many people order them, so most shops don’t stock them much. Still, it is not totally impossible to get a dirt bike delivered to you if you know where to look. Professional rider Jet Kernaghan warns riders not to settle for a normal bike for dirt riding.

Use the right motorbike

Dirt Bike Specifications

You need a bike that can carry you to and fro a dirt road safely. For a first-timer, the best is to buy a motorcycle that has a moderate size. This will make it easy for you to handle and control the bike. Big bikes are too powerful and heavy for a new rider to handle. Newbies riding such bikes on a dirt road, might lose partial or complete control of the motorbike and get scared. In the process, something bad may happen due to your fear and loss of control. Therefore, start with a moderately sized bike to build your riding techniques. Then you can move to a bigger bike when you’ve mastered the necessary riding skills.

Have the Appropriate Riding Gear

It’s vital to purchase the right gear to ride a dirt bike. You should also note that dirt riding gear is different from normal road bike riding gear. This is because riding on a normal road requires different technique when compared to riding off-road. Some of the gear you must have includes motocross riding boots, protective armour, a helmet, and so on. Purchasing the necessary gear might seem expensive. But don’t compromise, as it may affect your safety and riding. 

Furthermore, companies manufacturing off-road riding gear focus on producing gears that protect the rider and the bike from any impact. Whereas, regular bike-riding gear production companies focus on manufacturing gears that protect the rider and bike from impacts and abrasions. So if you mix the gears up, you won’t be getting the right protection.

Why Appropriate Gears for Dirt Riding are Essential

A dirt road’s surface is softer than a tarmac road. Hence, you don’t need much abrasion protection. “Instead, you are required to have a gear that has full impact protection,” advised Jet Kernaghan. Then there is a dirt riding helmet that helps protect your motorbike from debris on your riding path.


In summary, you need to be committed, brave, and ready to enjoy dirt bike riding. According to Jet Kernaghan, dirt bike riding requires the rider to finesse his own riding style. First-time riders must be ready to practice dirt bike riding. The more you practice, the more you remember how to ride. And the more you improve your dirt riding skills.

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