Getting the Right Dirt Bike for your Kid

Getting the Right Dirt Bike for your Kid

Your child wants to learn how to ride a dirt bike. You can have a mixture of elation and panic at this particular time. Perhaps “How do I pick an appropriate dirt bike for my kid?” came to mind first. That’s a terrific question, and I hope I can point you in the right direction, says Jet Kernaghan. However, you must first respond to a couple of additional questions before you may answer that one.

You will get to know more about choosing the right dirt bike in this guide. This will  assist you in reducing your options when picking the finest dirt bike for your child

The Best Dirt Bike for Your Child to Buy

Jet Kernaghan can only advise you not to go big. Whether it be on the motocross track or the playing field, young children aspire to emulate their heroes. It’s a mistake to purchase the same bicycle that James Stewart or Ryan Villopoto ride. Both the engine size (50cc is the best for beginners) and the bike’s physical size should be small.

Inquire About Used Dirt Bikes.

 Even a kid-sized dirt bike may be pricey when it is spanking new.  Purchase a used bike by getting in touch with neighbourhood clubs or other riders you meet in the dirt biking scene, says Jet Kernaghan. You won’t lose a lot of money if your child thinks weekends at the track are not for them after a first crash or if they don’t want to devote the necessary time to learning to ride.

Pick a Bike that Fits you.

Pick a Bike that Fits you

 Children require ease of management. This entails being able to comfortably sit on the bike, put both feet firmly on the ground, and easily reach the handlebars and controls. Some youngsters may benefit more quickly from upgrading to a larger bike with a manual clutch than others, so don’t rush it.

Finally, test-ride any old or new beginner dirt bike you are considering. The 70cc and 80cc range should be considered if your youngster finds the 50cc size to be too small but the 100cc size to be too huge.

Best Kids’ Dirt Bike Brands

As soon as you start shopping, you’ll see that several companies sell kids’ entry-level dirt bikes. Once more, don’t let the brand that your child’s superhero rides—even if it’s a smaller version—control you. No matter the brand, the greatest first dirt bike is the one your child can handle the power on while sitting securely. The smallest engine is 50cc, and you can choose from a range of larger engine sizes with reasonable costs as your child graduates and develops their talents.

Small 2-stroke engines like the Yamaha PW50 are perfect for extremely young kids who are just starting. It is entirely automated. Honda also produces the CRF50, a well-liked entry-level motorcycle. It is a sturdy 4-stroke, and even new ones are inexpensive.

Jet Kernaghan claims that Kawasaki and Suzuki produce 100cc-sized dirt bikes that are affordable and of high quality. The top-of-the-line dirt bike is made by KTM and has a 50cc engine. This bike is probably not for you, at least not yet, if you and your child are not yet prepared to fully commit to learning to ride.

Kids’ dirt bikes occasionally include amenities like automated liquid-cooled transmissions, but normally, the more extras you get, the more expensive they are. Determining whether to use an automated or manual clutch, for instance, relies on how quickly your child completes more difficult tasks. The technical components that go into running a dirt bike range from simple (only a throttle) to complex (throttle, foot pedal gear shifter, and handlebar clutch) operations.

It’s a smart idea to stick with a name-brand dirt bike, especially when purchasing used. In general, knockoffs lack the durability and dependability of factory-made machines. It’s inevitable to crash. Your child needs a dirt bike that is strong enough to withstand the abuse they will subject it to.

Kids’ Dirt Bike Accessories

Your child has probably used a pedal bike at some point if he or she is interested in riding dirt bikes. Most children learn to ride a bike by using training wheels, and sure, there are training wheels for dirt bikes. The benefit of adding training wheels to your child’s dirt bike is the same as it is for a standard pedal bike.

Motocross Training Wheels

Training wheels for dirt bikes give your youngster stability and control until they are truly ready to ride. Additionally, training wheels lessen the possibility of a catastrophic tip-over collision, which could harm your child’s confidence and make him or her give up riding completely. Developing your child’s riding skills is crucial to keeping up the interest.

A manual or automated clutch is the other choice to take into account. As previously mentioned, your child’s aptitude for learning is a consideration. Before progressing to the more difficult aspects of dirt bike riding, your youngster may find it helpful to practise the foundations of riding and maintaining balance with the aid of an automated clutch.

 Places to Ride

The appeal of a dirt bike is that you can ride it almost anywhere. A fun and interesting variety of obstacles, twists, and turns can be found on motocross circuits, mountain trails, desert dunes, and woodland areas. Where you reside frequently determines where you ride.


As you can see, selecting the best dirt bike for a beginner for your child takes consideration and investigation. While you can assist in sharpening the focus, let your youngster make an informed choice suggested by Jet Kernaghan. He or she will get more invested in the sport if you involve them in the process. In addition, since they are the ones riding, they can tell you whether the bike is uncomfortable or has too much power.

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