Best Hong Kong Attraction You Cannot Miss

Best Hong Kong Attraction You Cannot Miss

Planning for a trip requires adequate preparation. Well, Hong Kong is one of the most coveted tourist destinations around the world that you should visit anytime soon. Various destinations in Hong Kong will make your visit one of the best that you have ever had. Hong Kong is a relatively small place but an overwhelming tourist destination. Read on and find out.

Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour

This is a famous busy life hub in Hong Kong which is a great destination to take boat rides and a better way to get those great pics of the City. During the night it is a glittering scenery with a symphony of lights which makes it an ideal place to relax as you enjoy the scenery.

The Big Buddha on Lantau Island

When you visit Hong Kong don’t limit yourself to this city premises because there are lots of beautiful sceneries outside the city. Hong Kong has more to offer than its skyscrapers. The beaches and islands are among the best places to be. That is why You need to visit the biggest island which is the big Buddha Located on the mountains.

Lantau Island

Visit Famous Shopping Markets

If you’re passionate about shopping then Hong Kong is the best place for you. There are a lot of vibrant market places where you can purchase unique and vibrant items especially in the Hong Kong area and its environs. These shopping places include -the ladies market, flower market, Goldfish market which will collectively make your shopping more engaging and lovely.

Don’t miss Hong Kong Food

Food is a reliable way of connecting various cultures and that is why you’ll find famous restaurants in Hong Kong with a legendary food an authentic Chinese Meals. Dim Sum is one of the famous types of food in Hong Kong which also exposes you to know more about Cantonese culture and their eating traditions. If you want to make your food tour more enjoyable I would suggest that you seek out to have a guide of the type of food that you would want to eat so that you can precisely order some of these famous Chinese dishes.

Hike the Famous Dragon Back Trail

Hong Kong is an outdoor Paradise with so many hiking trails that offers plenty of outdoor activities. One of the most famous activities that you can do in Hong Kong is hiking on the dragon’s tail. It is also important to know that it is not recommended casual hikers so you might have to accompany yourself with a professional so that you receive adequate guidance on how you can have fun while hiking on this dragon’s tail.

Enjoy Hong Kong Nightlife

Hong Kong offers one of the best nightlife that you can ever have especially if you are fond of partying. You can visit the biggest spas around the city and enjoy a wonderful Hong kong massage as you prepare for more unfolding events that will carry your night away.


The list of things to do in Hong Kong is endless because it is endowed with more life and sceneries that will bring awesome adventure. Therefore, you need to schedule a trip to Hong Kong and explore life in abundance.

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