Explore the World to Connect Yourself with Nature

Explore the World to Connect Yourself with Nature

We are living on a planet which is full of natural and breathtaking places. All the doctors agree on the fact that a person can never feel fresh until he or she gets exposed to the natural scenery. We spend the major portion of our time in front of the screen, and as a result, we waste the opportunity of immersing in the magical views of our planet. Indeed, a man who does not love nature is a dead soul!

So, there is an urgent need to get a break from our hectic routine and connect ourselves with nature. You can go outside for a morning walk, bask in the sun, and stroll along the beach of the rivers to soothe your soul. Here we will be discussing the importance of nature in our lives and what are the places where you can truly enjoy the natural splendor of the world.

Impacts of Nature on Our Wellbeing

The practice of experiencing nature with all of your senses is called forest bathing. The impacts of nature go beyond just improving your mood. After visiting a place surrounded by trees and grass, and after hearing the chirp of the birds, you will find yourself relaxed, calm, and happy. You will feel new energy which was not there before. Here are other well-researched benefits that you may experience after spending some time in nature.

  • It reduces mental fatigue and exhaustion
  • Your ability to concentrate and perform tasks would be increased
  • Reduces obesity and fattiness
  • Nature heals the anger and fear
  • It helps us cope with pain
  • Nature restores our love for life
  • Nature connects us with other habitats

Places Where You Can Explore the Nature

Luckily, our earth has various places where you can see the blue sky and sun above you, feel the cold breeze, hear the rustling of the leaves, observe the birds traveling from branch to branch, and meditate in the serene environment. The spots we are going to mention here are absolute-natural places where you must go at least once in your lifetime. Apart from offering you unparalleled beauty, these places will also leave a long-lasting impression on your soul.

Cairo Horreya Garden, Egypt

Want to escape from the noise and crowd of the city? If yes, then Al Horreya Garden is for you. The garden has a red-bricked pathway that is surrounded by trees and fresh green grass. The garden is also known for its unique eleven statues that depict the symbols of freedom, bravery, and glory. Also, the streaks of colorful flowers are so magical that they trap every tourist in their beauty. Surprisingly, just because of its natural brilliance, the garden has also been featured in various Hollywood movies. Kuwait Airways should be your best bet while going to Cairo considering that you will be conveniently accommodated and facilitated.

Palawan Islands, Philippines

Unquestionably the world’s most beautiful Island; Palawan is a piece of heaven offering quaint villages, exotic wildlife, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thanks to its marvelous limestone geography, the Island feels like a paradise from end to end. Many restaurants here offer rustic Filipino food with a bottomless bear. Discovering the rarest birds of the world and taking a ride on a boat would prove to be the precious assets for nature lovers.

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

These caves are famous for glowworms that light up in the night. The tour to the caves would be completed in two stages. The upper stage is dry and decorated with stunning cave formations; whereas the lower stage consists of glowworms and stream passages.

The place is known as one of New Zealand’s best natural attractions where you can take a boat ride along the lake and observe thousands of glowworms shining in the caves.

Karachi Sea View, Pakistan

Located in the biggest city of Pakistan, Clifton Beach or Sea View Beach is the only beach in the whole country. The place is perfect for fun seekers and beach lovers as there are various recreational opportunities for them. The natives of Karachi spend their holidays here since the breathtaking waves and the view of sunset are the natural healers for exhaustion. Since it is the only beach in the entire country, people from other cities of Pakistan also come here to stave off their fatigue. People living in Lahore always look for cheap Lahore to Karachi air ticket price to spend their memorable days in Sea View.

Final Words

It is said that if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. December has finally arrived, and the natural beauty of the places skyrockets in this month. So if you are planning to explore the world this month, book your flights at faremakers for a seamless travel experience.

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