Reasons to use Node.js for Creating Websites

Reasons to use Node.js for Creating Websites

Javascript has transformed from a mere scripting language to a full-fledged web development technology in the recent decade. With JS one can easily create an amazing website for their business and take their online voyage to new heights. However, with the plethora of JS frameworks available in the market choosing the right one can be quite a tricky task. Especially when it comes to backend frameworks. Today with this article, we will take a look into one of the most famous frameworks for the backend named Node.js. But before that, here are a few stats that state clearly about the popularity of Node.js.

  • js is the choice of backend technology for major enterprises such as Netflix, PayPal, etc. This makes Node.js a trustworthy technology to opt for.
  • The majority of Node.js developers use it for creating enterprise-level applications. This indicates that it is a perfect choice for creating applications that work on a large scale.
  • js can also reduce the development cost by almost 50 percent and also increase the performance of the web application.

What is Node.js

Node.js is a Javascript-based framework that works on both the client-side and server sides. It also offers developers both event-driven I/O and asynchronous  APIs. This helps them in creating large-scale applications at a faster speed and makes them feature-rich. It is an open-source framework with huge community support.

Benefits of using Node.js

Node.js offers a number of unique benefits that put it at the frontline when it comes to web application development. Further, since it’s Javascript-based using it along with popular frameworks such as React and Angular can provide the added advantage of higher performance and better security as well. Below is a list of some of the most unique advantages of using Node.js:

  1. Performance: js offers developers the choice of using it on both the client side and server-side. Further, since it is based on JS it offers higher performance than traditional languages. With Node.js a developer can single-handedly create a high-speed and secure web application without any hassles. This aids merchants in saving money on hiring different developers. By working with a Node.js development company one can easily have an amazing app on a budget.
  2. Community: Node.js is the core technology for companies such as Netflix and Paypal. It has a community of highly skilled and seasoned developers. So, while working with Node.js you can rest easy about any challenges as you’ll always have the aid of experts at your exposure.
  3. Advanced Caching: js has the facility of advanced catching in it. So whenever a code is executed it gets stored in the application’s memory. With this, each time the developer works on a project they won’t have to reload the code. This makes the development process much easier and more efficient for developers.
  4. Extensible: js is highly extensible and a developer can extend its functionality with ease as per their requirement. This makes it a perfect solution for developing large-scale web applications.

Conclusion on Node.js

Node.js is one of the most popular JS frameworks. With the plethora of advantages mentioned above, it acts as the perfect solution for merchants who wish to build web applications on a budget. Also, Node.js makes it much easier for merchants to scale up their online solutions and improve their performance. So if you are also looking for a solution to build your application Node.js can undoubtedly be the perfect solution for your business.

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