The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

If you are running a business, all your attention should be on the development of your organization and the enhancement of your services and customer experience. But can you bring the optimum value to your organization when you are caught up with technical issues and glitches? No. That is why smart businesses leave the allied support processes to partners. These partners are providing consulting, technology, and infrastructure support, covering the entire IT landscape.

If your company or organization operates globally, dealing with diversified time zones and geographies, you must feel the need of constant support in managing your ERP and CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here we will discuss the criteria of a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 support system.

What goes into the making of a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 support system?

1. Quick Response:

There is no use for a support team if they are not available at your disposal when you need them. Thus, the first and foremost requirement is their “Acknowledgement” and “Availability when needed”. With Dynamics 365 support team, you get a round-the-clock helpdesk that is comprised of functional and technical experts. These teams deliver a mature support model and prioritize and resolve issues in a sequence with SLAs and ticket priority.

2. Rich Knowledge Base:

Your Microsoft Support team is not working with just one company such as you. They have experience in their field from working on several projects. Their acquired expertise and knowledge play a vital role when it comes to problem solving. Thus, when you hire a Microsoft Dynamics 365 support team, they have most likely worked with other companies and resolved the issues that you are facing now.

3. Scalability:

It is very natural to face issues that are not consistent in their range or severity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 teams are scalable to varying support requirements. They keep their shared resources on standby. Thus, when a clients’ needs larger teams, and greater attention, they can deploy the resources and solve the problems as soon as possible.

4. Satisfactory End-user Experience:

The following are the steps Microsoft Dynamics 365 support teams take to enhance the end-user experience:

i. Follow a well-structured system
ii. Rely on best practices
iii. Devote time to end-user training
iv. Assume responsibility to control recurring issues

This kind of approach not only optimizes the performance of your business but also brings down the support cost.

5. Round-the-clock Support Desk:

The availability of the support teams of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is round-the-clock. You can choose between support models such as, 18*6, 24*5, 24*6, 24*7, depending on the needs of your business. These teams are comprised of devoted professionals who take care of all the support requirements.

6. Nil Personal Dependency:

In today’s digital era, engaging manual labor only slows down processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 support teams are independent of personal assistance and deploy standard practices and systems. In order to take care of the ticket, you can send anyone from your team to the support team that will assign them to do the task. When the person dependency is reduces, so is the turn-around time in case of an issue.

7. Free-up Internal Resources:

As already mentioned, you team should be focusing on the core activities of your business. However, when they are preoccupied with IT support, their productivity rate goes down. Microsoft Dynamics 365 support teams work independently and seek little input from your in-house resources, leaving your in-house businesses and IT teams free to focus on what is more important.

8. Reducing Operational Cost for Support:

Many companies refuse to seek support from partners as they tend to think that in-house resources are less expensive. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Microsoft Dynamics 365 support teams offer their services to several businesses with a massive pool of resources which is more cost-efficient than the in-house resources. When you enroll, you commit a monthly subscription promise. The recurring service comes with no surprise, saving you the hassle money that goes into setting up an in-house support team.

It is clear that an efficient support team can bring immense value and convenience to you and your organization in several ways. However, the most important power is deploying the right support team. Make sure that you have done your research and checked for all the criteria before hiring a D365 support team.

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