Must Have Features in a Call Centre Software

Must Have Features in a Call Centre Software

The call centre functions are monotonous and not all agents can survive in the tedious call centre environment. BPOs have the highest attrition rates, as their employees flee early after being unable to handle tedious and ever-increasing work pressure.

Since BPOs handle call support and other outsourced services for clients, thus their agents need to be spontaneous and to-the-point always. Outbound and inbound call centres are one of the most important features for any company. Thus, firms think of outsourcing these support service, as it requires answering customer concerns directly. 

Since most companies do not have a team of expert answering agents in-house to take care of the responsibility, thus outsourcing the call centre services to a reliable partner becomes mandatory.

If you wish to outsource your call support, then before finalizing an outsourcing partner, you need to check the latest software used by your to-be partners. There are some must-have features in a call centre software, which every service seeker company needs to check in its potential partner.

Do you know about the features to check?

Well, if you are puzzled and want to know the features to look for in a call centre software, here we team them up for you.

These features help to secure the call support functions and are necessary for optimum customer satisfaction. For a successful outbound and inbound call support service, an adequate call centre software is required with the following essential features:

1. In-built CRM

Every call centre software needs to have an in-built CRM. Why?

Well, the reason behind is the answering agents have the opportunity to view details of any contact with a CRM software. Not only is this, but the previous call details, voicemails, and several other interfaces are also accessible.

Without a CRM feature, agents cannot access the above-mentioned details, which may stop them from efficient call handling services. This is the reason all outbound and inbound call centres need to check an in-built CRM feature in their software so that it is easy to support the clients splendidly.

When companies outsource to a call answering service provider, they expect to bring their services on track, thereafter boosting satisfaction levels. However, without an in-built CRM software, companies cannot do so.

With such software, the import and export of leads become easy and with all contact details viewed easily, there is reduced abandonment too.

2. Call centre dialler

Call centre services, with multiple outbound calls to handle, need to have a call centre dialler to help.  With the help of a dialler, the agents’ productivity enhances and the outbound call support process enhances too.

With the help of a dialler feature, the agent has a list of phone numbers. The dialler automatically makes calls to the listed numbers, and, it is efficient enough to filter the calls that are not responding. The dialler also has a preview feature allowing viewing the contact details before the call is made. This way the agents are prepared for the call and she/he can even prioritize the customer to be called.

3. Speech analytics

Speech analytics is a system that analyses call and makes a note of customers’ interest. While such a system is not fully reliable, however, companies use it to understand the customers’ needs.

This feature predicts the customer’s interest level and identifies whether the agent was able to persuade the lead or the lead was interested in the business service or not.

With speech analytics, agents get an idea about the lead’s intention of buying. Several BPOs also use speech analytics to find new leads and identify potentially interested partners.

4. Quality analysis

When we talk about the features that a call centre software must possess, reporting and quality analysis are a must.


With the help of reporting and quality analysis, real-time agent performance is accessible, which helps in easy service handling. Not only is this, but with real-time service handling, the jeopardies are resolved on time without any threat.

Not only is this, but quality analysis feature helps inbound call centres take better decisions with adequate resource allocation and campaign management.   With the analytics feature, call centres can supervise their outbound and inbound BPO services well.

Without having the analytics feature, companies lacked these perquisites, however, with detailed analysis, it is easy to make the necessary changes and resolve all issues even before they occur.

5. Integrated business tools

Call centres work on data and to ease the data management process, integrated business tools help to coordinate with a third party backend application and thereafter-feed data into the BPO software.

With an integrated business tool, companies can never miss a customer, thus smooth processes are no more a hurdle. When the agents have comprehensive data, they tend to manage business operations well, and there is no threat of call abandonment and customer dissatisfaction.

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