The Influence of a cell phone on Human Health

The Influence of a cell phone on Human Health

The first cell phone, a little history. The advantages of mobile communication Cell phones for sale in Harare Zimbabwe Danish doctors refute the opinion about the dangers of mobile phones. So is mobile dangerous? “A mobile phone is not a toy for children.” Cell phone hazard criteria. Rules for using the phone. Telephone etiquette. Conclusion.

In the ΧΧ century, the speed of message transmission has increased greatly:

It seems as if our world is shrinking because with the advent of communications, sending messages to the other side of the world takes less and less time. Fast communication makes it easier for people living in different countries to communicate. Nowadays, any message – written, sound, can be transmitted using electricity, the operation of the telephone is based on this principle. The purpose of my work is to find out the effect of a cell phone on human health, including on the child’s body, and how dangerous it is. Provide advice to students at our school about safety measures for their health when using the phone.

The history of the creation of the phone:

In 1837 Wheatstone and Cook were the first apparatus for transmitting and receiving messages  Huawei phones prices in Zimbabwe In 1876, Alexander Bell invented the transmitter (microphone). In 1878, Thomas Alva Edison used carbon powder in his microphone.  The first cell phone, a little history. The history of the cell phone began in 1947. The base station was installed on April 3, 1973. The world’s first mobile phone was tested on April 3, 1973.The advantages of mobile communication. With the clear sounding of speech, absence of extraneous noise, and the effect of a metallic voice; the data transfer rate can be up to 153 Kbps.

Danish doctors refute the opinion about the dangers of mobile phones:

A large-scale study of the impact of mobile phones has shown that antennas that receive and transmit signals from mobile phones are indeed sources of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate the human brain. However, there is no evidence that this is in any way associated with an increased risk of tumors in the head or neck. The British Institute for Cancer Research released the data of its own study, according to the results it was concluded that the use of mobile phones does not increase the risk of brain cancer.

“A mobile phone is not a toy for children.” 

However, the radiation of mobile phones especially affects the child’s body, which is associated with the insufficient development of their immune system. Great damage is inflicted on the child’s brain, since his brain cells have just begun to develop and receive the information he needs, and radio waves destroy the cells of the cerebral cortex and brain, impede blood circulation, and also causes high blood pressure and a decrease in the number of red blood cells.

So is mobile dangerous?

Despite the abundance of articles in domestic and foreign publications devoted to the problem of exposure to microwave radiation from a cell phone, none of them gives a specific and clear answer to the question of whether this radiation is harmful or harmless to humans and what are the safety criteria. A word of caution Experts still advises children and adolescents to limit the amount of time they use their phones, as their brains and nervous systems are still in the process of forming. How much time per day do students spend talking on the phone? Students spend different amounts of time per day talking – from 40 to 90 minutes; Although those who use the phone for about 30 minutes daily increase the likelihood of memory loss by almost 2 times.

What is the average duration of one cell phone call? 

On average, one conversation can last from 2 to 10 minutes although research by scientists has shown that even people who used the phone for less than 2 minutes a day complained of discomfort and side effects.  The most popular place to carry phones Scientist Shilnikov E.N. believes that it is not only talking on a mobile phone that brings harm but even finding one in a pants pocket. Pupils carry them in the pockets of trousers, jackets; some carry phones in their bags; some children prefer to wear a cell phone around their necks and on their belts.

Cell phone hazard criteria:

Since the mid-90s, the norm of permissible human exposure, expressed in the power of an electromagnetic wave (W) per 1 kg of live weight – Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), has been actively promoted, it should be in the range from 0.28 to 1.5 W / kg. Samsung phones prices in Zimbabwe  The lower the SAR, the safer the phone for a person today, this norm is even introduced for the mandatory indication in the passport of a cell phone

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