Top Trends of Educational Software 2021

Top Trends of Educational Software 2021

Educational software development has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Traditional learning is slowly replacing e-learning and this trend is only going to increase in the coming future.  Technology adoption has the potential to make drastic changes in the educational sector.

With Covid on the rise, the majority of the schooling and teaching systems have turned online already, with teachers and students switching to cloud-based eLearning. Let’s take a look at how educational software’s are beneficial, and what are the emerging technologies in education 2021.

What is an Education Software?

An educational software refers to computer software that has been designed specifically for educational purposes. The aim of educational software development is to make learning and teaching practices more convenient and goal-oriented.

What are the Benefits of Educational Software?

Educational software help provide users with an enhanced interactivity ability by integrating multimedia into the learning and teaching process. There’s no doubt that this software offers a lot of benefits for both teachers and students, revolutionizing how content and ideas shared among them.

Students find it easier to learn and grasp concepts when presented with visuals. According to a study conducted in 2010, “Modern students often become dissatisfied with higher education institutions that fail to adapt their teaching methods from traditional to more modern approaches. They may see existing learning strategies as being outdated compared to those delivered using contemporary technological methods.”

Let’s look at some of the benefits you can expect from educational software:

  • Enhances communication between teachers and students
  • Online assessments and grading reduce the workload on teachers
  • Provides different learning styles and different abilities for students
  • Provides increased opportunities for disabled or struggling students
  • Different online activates can help improve collaboration skills
  • Provides the ability for everyone to learn from anywhere
  • A cheaper method of learning as there are no additional costs such as traveling, uniform, and stationery costs.

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Major Software Trends of 2021

Below mentioned are the future trends in education 2021 that are shaping higher education.

1. Video-Based Learning

Video-based learning is gaining popularity day by day. It is becoming one of the most effective methods of learning, especially for the youngster as it promotes high information recall and retention ability. According to a Pearson study, videos and YouTube were found to be the preferred over printed books as a method of learning by Generation Z. Around 60% of the people within the ages of 14-20 find it easier to learn using YouTube, whereas 47% prefer learning through printed books.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Al or Artificial intelligence is another trend in educational technology that is widely being integrated into learning systems these days. It is known to provide teachers with better feedback on what methods students are learning better from, allowing them to customize the syllabus in a more effective way.

It also helps to lessen the workload on teachers with the help of artificially intelligent teaching assistants (AITAS). Other than this, AITAS are designed to provide students with answers to complex questions swiftly, which on the other hand, would take teachers hours to sort through.

3. Gamification

Gamification is undoubtedly one of the most fun ways of learning for students. It is an education trend that is interesting, engaging, and motivating. This educational approach is also known to bring out a positive attitude in students towards learning, allowing them to remain motivated and adopt new behaviors easily.

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another cost-effective tool that is becoming integrated into the educational world gradually. It is very useful in promoting active learning rather than passive learning. VR basically creates a computer-generated simulation that is similar to real-life the world. This makes it possible for students to view and experience different concepts of studies that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

For example, it can help a biology student look at a model of a cell in a 3D format, without having to visit an actual laboratory.  It also allows users to visit imaginary places or worlds that can’t be visited in real life.

Since VR technology is becoming more affordable slowly, more and more educational institutions are integrating it into their teaching methods. This innovative trend in educational technology is most likely to become even more popular in the upcoming years.

5. Blockchain Technology

First introduced by Bitcoin, Blockchain technology is one of the fastest-growing future trends in k-12 education. Along with data storage, this trend is likely to bring numerous advantages to education. It works by adding an additional “block” to the structure each time new information is added to the system, making it a limitless source of information.


Educational software development is enormously valuable, and these trends are soon going to be fully upon us. Advanced educational methods are undeniably seeping deeply into the education sector and bringing about a positive change in the teaching and learning process.

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