Exclusive Interview: Sunil Tulsiani With Robin Sharma

Exclusive Interview: Sunil Tulsiani With Robin Sharma

Rough seas make great sailors!

The world is bracing itself to face a recession. The US is already struggling with a recession, and Canada is going down that path. People are suffering from physical, mental, financial, and career issues.

How do you thrive financially in these challenging times?

  • Absolute Personal Responsibility (APR)

In today’s world of uncertainty and social polarization, people blame adverse situations to wade away from their path. But high achievers stop the blame game and take absolute responsibility for their condition.

  • Time Management

High achievers do not waste their time on distractions. Instead, they use their highly productive part of the day to do things that are of the highest priority. They manage time efficiently while maintaining a perfect balance.

  • Unorthodox Thinking

The 5% of people who see things differently from the rest of the 95%. Unorthodox thinking is the very nature of geniuses, which are incremental to change and dominate their domain.

  • Givers rather than Takers

High achievers focus on providing massive value to people rather than taking value. By doing so, they build a base of loyal followers. When entrepreneurs, real estate investors, professionals, or mentors focus on offering great deal to their consumers, they become highly successful. The hand that gives gathers!

  • Faith in Themselves

One common trait in all successful people is that they believe in themselves. When Sunil Tulsiani lost everything in business during the big crash of 2008, and people returned to him with an “I told you so”, he believed in himself and bounced back more vital than ever. Today he is mentoring hundreds of people to become high achievers and has already helped many people become millionaires/multi-millionaires.

“You must believe in yourself when no one believes you until everyone believes.”

What is the inspiration behind the Best Seller “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”?

Sunil Tulsiani, inspired by books like “The 5 am Club” and “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, has inspired his mentees to transform their lives by being in the 5 am club and focusing on personal growth. But what inspired Robin Sharma?

He was a Litigation Lawyer by profession, very successful in his career with all the desired material wealth. He was stuck in the traps of success; a lovely home, a nice car, and excellent career growth. But, was not satisfied with his true self.

That’s when the author went into pursuing self-mastery: liking one’s true self. Money can give us many significant things, but not self-love. So, in his search for self-mastery, he read many books and followed many modalities. He meditated, opted for spiritual counseling, and many such things for 24 months. After experiencing a significant transformation in his life, he wanted to self-publish.

Those two years translated into “Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”. He sold it after many difficulties, and the book resonated with people through word-of-mouth.

Did Robin Sharma know that this book would be such a gigantic Movement?

The main goal behind authoring this book was not to make it a movement but to serve people. Intentions are more powerful than intellect. People should trust their instincts when their intentions are noble. The author quotes Rabindranath Tagore,

“When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world will cry while you rejoice”.

Sunil Tulsiani recollects how, with pure intentions to serve the people, he could successfully bounce back after a considerable setback that started in 2008. He could sail through rough tides guided by philosophies learned and imbibed throughout his life.

How to Thrive during Tough times?

Today, people are filled with anxiety and depression due to the recession, health issues, anxiety, depression, job losses, and high inflation. Here are expert insights into how to excel during the current and most importantly the upcoming testing times.

  • Develop world-class habits.

    Make it a habit to start your day with a positive note, focussing on yourself and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

  • Remove toxicity from your ecosystem.

    Surround yourself with great people, influencers, books, mentors, and everything in your environment.

  • A choice between being a Leader or a Victim.

    People have a choice about how to look at problems. They can choose to become victims of the issues and blame the situation. Or, they can look at problems as opportunities and become a solution-provider, the Leader.

  • Make it a habit to read for at least 60 minutes daily to improve or educate yourself.
  • Writing down your thoughts in a journal helps you identify your gifts. You can also vent out all your negative emotions to be free of them so that you can focus on positive actions.

Victims are frightened by the change, whereas Leaders are inspired by them. Be like the Lillies that thrive in the swamps.

What are the Negative Habits to break to be Successful?

Certain negative habits hinder productivity and excellence, and people should drop them to be successful.

  • Story framed by society.

    People believe in narratives imbibed by parents, teachers, and the community. But they must break away from these limits about themselves, and all are set for success.

  • Surrounded by negative people.

    The people around us influence us. So, if they constantly feel victimized, angry, fearful, etc., they impact us negatively.

Final thoughts

Sunil Tulsiani and Robin Sharma ended the session, commonly agreeing on continuous learning. People should look for opportunities to improve themselves and never shy away from investing time and money in themselves. As Sunil Tulsiani shares on big stages worldwide, the best investment in the world is not real estate, stocks, businesses, gold, etc., the best investment is you.

Robin Sharma and Sunil Tulsiani Live

Want to see Sunil Tulsiani and Robin Sharma live? There’s an opportunity to see and learn from these legends. You can join them in Toronto or virtually from anywhere in the world. The event is called “Wealth Mastery” which is taking place on October 1st, 2022.

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