These Supreme Treatments Will Save You From Itchy and Dry Scalp

These Supreme Treatments Will Save You From Itchy and Dry Scalp

Skin conditions like dry scalp are extremely irritating, aren’t they? I had a dry scalp not a year ago and I used to spend hours itching my head. There were wounds all over my head just because of that and it was so frustrating. So if you’re suffering from something similar, then I understand you completely. I know how irritating it is. But if there’s a lock, there’s a key and I have that key in my mind. Just don’t worry because you don’t need some fancy things for the cure. The treatments I’m going to tell you about require nothing but common ingredients or products that might even be at your home right now. Let’s head towards the treatment without wasting any more time. 

  • Conditioners = YES!

After shampooing your hair, do you just leave the shower or condition them? If you don’t condition your hair, then it’s a significant reason why you’re suffering from dry and itchy scalp. Go and buy a good conditioner for your hair type and use that after shampooing your hair because shampoos dry the hair or you can say that they remove all moisture from them. In this case, the conditioner brings back the moisture and gives your hair and scalp a smooth and moisturized look. It’s better if you use leave-on conditioners for this purpose.

  • Get A Nice Scalp Massage

One of the most important things that we don’t regularly do to our scalp is a nice and warm massage. We need to do this on a regular basis because if we don’t, there won’t be any production of natural oils to moisturize and nourish the scalp and strengthen the roots of hair. Moreover, when you massage your scalp, the blood flow regulates and this helps in the growth of hair. So if you do this one thing, then you won’t only get rid of dry scalp but also get additional benefits.  

  • Apply Hair Oil Regularly

It’s necessary that you regularly apply oil to your hair and scalp, massage a little bit, and leave it on. You need to do that two times in a week. It’s best that you use natural extracted oils like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, etc. But you can also use processed oil products from brands if you want. Make sure that you get the ones with high-quality retail packaging boxes so you’re certain that they are of the best quality. Dawn Printing is the company that provides attractive and quality packaging boxes to high-grade brands. This will definitely help you get high-quality oils and you will get rid of dry scalp immediately. 

  • Too Much Shampooing Is Bad

There are a few ingredients in shampoos that will destroy your scalp and hair if you wash your hair frequently. Two of those are the main culprits and those are sulphates and alcohol. They can cause extreme dryness and since you apply shampoo to your scalp as well, you will seriously damage it with your own hands. If you want to shampoo daily or like 4-5 times a week, then you need to get a gentle formula of shampoos like the ones with a label of “sulphate free”. Or, you should only shampoo your hair 2 times a week at most if you want to keep your scalp dryness away. 

  • Increase Your Water Intake

Makes sense, right? Think of it this way: when something is dry, you have to pour some water on it to get it wet or say moisturized. Our body is 60% water. What makes you think that you can live a healthy life without consuming sufficient water daily? Doctors say that one must have at least 15 full glasses of water in a day with a glass being 250ml in capacity if you’re a guy or 11 glasses if you’re a lady. You will see clearly that your scalp has started to stay moisturized and your itching will be long gone if it was there. 

  • Consider Improving Your Diet

Some people believe that if they only apply different oils and other formulas to their hair or skin, they will reach their goals. But no, that’s not it. If you don’t get healthy from the inside, nothing will look healthy from the outside. They say “You are what you eat”. So if you want to get rid of your dry scalp, you need to pay attention to what you’re eating ALONG WITH applying oils and all. Enhance your scalp’s health and restore its moisture by adding vitamin D, A, K, E with biotin, iron, and zinc to your diet. You can have nuts, dairy products, omega 3 fatty acids, eggs, fish, sweet potatoes, etc. Oh and please don’t use sugar or at least cut down the usage of it because sugar triggers the growth of fungus or yeast which ultimately causes scalp dryness and hence flakes. 

Bottom Line

You should, at most, work on your internal health which means that you must eat healthy every day. This is the main factor that will decide whether your scalp is going to be moisturized or dried. But of course, keep doing the rest of the things as well so you keep on getting apparent results as well as internal.

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