Most Incredible Place around the World created by Mother Nature

Most Incredible Place around the World created by Mother Nature

There are many amazing places in the world, and the natural beauty is breathtaking. Some of these miracles were created by Mother Nature herself; people participated in the creation of others. Here are the most incredible places in the world (with photos and descriptions) that visitors can enter.

Most Incredible Place in the Word

1. Lake Natron

Tanzania’s vast waters are incredible, and its incredible pink waters amazed them. Animals that die here will become mummies.

The fact is that the water of Lake Natna contains a lot of sodium bicarbonate. Due to an excess of this substance, mummies appeared here. In summer, the water of Lake Nattern turns red, which makes this incredible world even more terrifying.

2. Slope point

This is the name of the cape, which represents the southernmost point of New Zealand. The trees are particularly interesting here. Because of the wind, they keep tilting towards the ground.

From the outside, this is an unusual sight. All the trees slope to one side. Combined with the surrounding rocks, the landscape here seems to be simply surreal.

3. Underwater park

This incredible place is also called Green Lake. The reservoir is located in the Trages commune in Austria. In spring and summer, you can see a real park underwater.

The lake itself is picturesque, so here you can enjoy both underwater and water vivid impressions. Therefore, the Gruner See underwater park should definitely be included in the list of must-see attractions in Austria.

4. Christ from the Abyss

The height of the underwater bronze statue of Christ reaches nearly 2.5 meters. This incredible place is very popular among divers. For those who enter the statue for the first time, “Christ in the Abyss” is really fascinating.

The monument was created by the sculptor Guido Galleti. “Christ from the Abyss” is located in the Gulf of San Frutoso in the Mediterranean near the Italian Riviera, 17 meters deep.

5. Colourfull Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state in northern India. Even in a country that is already admired, Rajasthan stands out. Due to its majestic vitality, colorful city, and long history of Maharajas and Rajput fighters, its name is translated as “The Land of Kings”.

The Rajasthan has a royal fort, fairy-tale palaces, colorful bazaars, and villages in lavender, mint, blue, pink, and yellow. Explore the entire city of Rajasthan on the wheel train India. The train provides an 8-day Palace on Wheels tour itinerary and provides various luxurious facilities and services on board.

6. “Star” sea

This amazing natural phenomenon can be observed on Vaadhoo Island, which belongs to the Maldives Islands. A special type of plankton was found in the waters here, which is the cause of the blue light.

Therefore, it seems that stars fell from the sky into the sea. Millions of tourists visit this beautiful place in the Maldives every year.

7. “Road to Paradise” on Huashan Mountain

This dangerous Chinese hiking trail is a popular destination for extreme sports enthusiasts. A narrow wooden deck road stands high on the mountain and is surrounded by magnificent scenery.

For any traveler, this path can cause dizziness. Therefore, it is not surprising that Huashan’s route is called “the road to heaven”.

8. Crooked forest

This amazing forest represents one of the most incredible places in the world. It is located in Poland, not far from the town of Grifino. At first glance at pictures of these strangely twisted trees, you will immediately want to see their lives.

The curved forest in Poland looks like one of Tim Burton’s movie landscapes. Although this place looks quaint, it is still very beautiful.

9. Pink sand beach

When traveling to the Bahamas, this incredible place should definitely be added to the list of attractions worth visiting. The color of the sand on the beach of Harbour Island is wonderful.

It is pink here, which is due to the presence of plankton residues and various minerals in it. Of all the pink beaches in the world, the harbour coast is the most impressive.

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10. Richat

This geological formation is located in the vast desert of Mauritania. It is often called the “Eye of the Sahara Desert” because when viewed from space, Richart seems to be a pair of huge desert eyes.

The scale of the “eye” is impressive-48 kilometers in diameter! Ritat is such an incredible place on Earth that many people think it is a spaceport for alien spacecraft.

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