10 Ways to Exercise Without Realizing It

10 Ways to Exercise Without Realizing It

We all know exercise is good for us but sometimes the thought of dragging ourselves off the couch and to the gym is such a chore! Even with all the willpower in the world, you will have days where you struggle to fit a workout in. Experts suggest that, rather than adopting a punishing routine, we could make ourselves fitter by simply moving a bit more. Finding fun exercise is easier than you think – you might even be able to do it without realizing it. So, next time you feel stuck on the couch, try one of these fun ways to get moving!

10 Fun Exercise Tips to Help You Get Fit Without Trying

  • Dance More

Dancing lifts your spirits and offers a great full-body workout. You don’t have to follow a workout, just throw on your favorite tunes and get moving. Dancing provides great cardio benefits and improves coordination. If you want something a bit more challenging, look up a fun dance exercise video on YouTube and nail the routine.

  • Try a Fun Exercise App

If the thought of going for a run fills you with dread, try a fun workout app to get you in the mood. You could try a running app like Zombies, Run, to get your heart rate up. Or try a game like Pokémon Go that involves loads of walking.

  • Go for a Walk With Friends 

A great way to make exercise fun is to make it social. If you want to get fit, but don’t want to go it alone, invite your friends out for a walk. Chances are, you’ll be so busy chatting and having fun that you’ll walk much further than you planned. 

  • Do a Spring Clean

Cleaning is not exactly your idea of fun? Well, put on some music and get in the mood because housework is actually a great calorie burner. Compile a list of chores you’ve been putting off and commit to doing them in the afternoon. Or try rearranging your furniture in a fun new way to get your daily workout in.

  •  Play With Your Pet

One of the best fun facts about nutrition and exercise is that any type of movement is better than no movement at all. If you’re eating right, even a short burst of exercise will go a long way to improving your health. If you have a dog, take them out for a run around the garden or play tug of war with their favorite toys. It’ll boost your mood and your pet will love it too! 

  • Take in Some Nature

Going for a walk is more fun when you’ve got gorgeous scenery to look at. Why not try hitting a local beauty spot or heading to a rural area you’ve never explored before? Make sure you’ve got appropriate footwear so you will be comfortable. You’ll be able to hike further when you’ve got the best training shoes for the terrain.

  •  Try Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is one of the most fun ways to exercise at home. Just make sure you’ve got enough space for a proper spin. Hula hooping is a great waist training exercise and could lose your inches around your middle.

  •  Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most fun ways to exercise. It provides a great intense workout and is also fantastic for your focus and concentration. You’ll be so concerned with finding a handhold or working up to the next level, you’ll forget you’re even doing a workout. 

  • Try Yoga

People think of yoga as a tough workout, but it can also be very playful and fun. Try out a kid’s yoga session with your family or try doing some handstands. You’ll be surprised how silly you can make it.

  •  Join a Team

One of the best ways to make exercise fun is to do it in a group. A team sport can give you a great competitive rush and help you make new friends. Choose an exercise you enjoy and get going!


There are plenty of ways you can incorporate fun exercise into your day. Try some of these techniques and find what works for you. You’ll soon be on your way to a new, fitter you!

Final Call: Do you struggle to make time to work out? Looking for new ways to make exercise fun? Do you use any of these techniques to sneak some more movement in? Let us know in the comments!

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