5 Tips for Elderly Care at Home

5 Tips for Elderly Care at Home

If you have elders and you are looking for best home care services in Hyderabad, then the first step is to prepare the home for them. Though, most elders like to stay in their own homes because either they love it too much or find it comfortable or don’t want to burden others.

If that is one of the reasons in your case, then you need to take care of these 5 things for them:

1. Make Changes in The House

Small changes in the house can benefit a lot. Changes like:

  • Getting rid of unnecessary furniture that doesn’t have many uses. This could help the elders a lot since they can’t move them on their own and allow them to move around easily. 
  • Installing smoke detectors that will help alert the elders with vibrate feature or strobe lighting, in the case of emergencies. 
  • Taking care of the water heaters, make sure the temperature is set to low, so the chances of skin burn are reduced significantly.
  • Make sure there are no cables lying around that might get entangled in someone’s feet.
  • Having mats around the areas where it can become wet can be a good choice. Places like toilet or shower etc can be targets for these. 
  • Make sure that there is a night light in the right places. This is important so that when elders go for washroom or water during the night, they can see where they are walking. 

2. Keep Track

Make sure the elders are comfortable in the house and feel safe when they are alone. There are eldercare products like motion sensors that allow you to keep track of the elder’s movements. The best things about these products are the privacy, since there are no microphones installed in them, and they’ll just send an alarm or a simple message if something fishy occurs. If your parents love to use technology, then getting them a proper mobile phone would be a great idea. You can simply check-up with them from time to time.

3. Hire Someone

There are times when you want to be with your parents or elders but due to the distance between you two, it becomes hard to fulfil. During these times, you can hire someone to take care of them in the house, that will look after them for their every need and requirements. They can help them get daily work done and help them feel comfortable when you are not around.

Things like grocery shopping or doctor appointments can be taken care of with the help of a person hired specifically for eldercare. But remember to check the person who is going to be living with them, as you can’t just leave them with anyone.

4. Take Care of the Expenses

In order to ensure the elders are being taken care of, you need to spend money on services. This is why it’s important that you take care of the expenses that are required for elder care services. Services like a caretaker, nurse, regular check-ups, grocery shopping, travel expenses and much more. Being aware of how much money is going where is important.

5. Visit them often

It might not feel that important to you at the moment, but spending time with your parents or elders can mean a lot to them, this will ensure they are not alone. 

Also, visiting them often can make you understand how they’re doing, whether it’s improving or how they are feeling emotionally. This is important when you are aiming for home care for elderly in India.

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