Everything You Need To Know About Coriander Powder

Everything You Need To Know About Coriander Powder

Coriander powder or ground coriander is a staple spice in Indian, Mexican, and Southeast Asian cuisines. The spice gives a citrusy zest and nutty aroma to the dishes. It is a daily use spice in India, and people would buy wholesale coriander powder in bulk and use it throughout the year. The mellow flavor of coriander is extremely versatile and accommodates any dish used. If you have just started using spices, ground coriander is the most basic one that you should have in your kitchen pantry. Read on to find out what coriander powder is, how to use it, and store it for longer use.

What is Coriander Powder?

Coriander powder comes from coriander seeds which are ground into fine powder. This spice has myriads of usage and adaptive nature, which makes it a must-have pantry spice. It has a unique taste that is difficult to define. It is a mild spice with a versatile taste. It dissolves in a dish it goes into, which makes it difficult to comprehend the standalone flavor.

The flavor powder is lemony and nutty, with a sweet, smokey, and woody hint, and falls into the sweet/warm spice category. This unique flavor is a base ingredient for various spice blends and mixes.

What is the Difference Between Whole Coriander & Coriander Powder?

Essential coriander powder is nothing but whole coriander grounded into a powder. But there are some differences between both forms of spice. Unlike fresh cilantro or coriander leaves and dried coriander seeds, there is a subtle difference between whole and ground coriander. 

Regarding flavor, coriander seeds have a more robust and woody flavor with lemony notes compared with the more mellow flavor of coriander powder. The most prominent difference is the method they use in cooking. Coriander seeds are used at the beginning of the cooking process as a whole spice ingredient for rubs or marinades.

Ground coriander is often added to the dish midway through the cooking process. The powder is often accompanied by other grounded spices like red chili powder, turmeric powder, and cumin powder.

How to Use Coriander Powder in Cooking?

Coriander powder can be used in many ways as a versatile spice. For example, it is a fundamental ingredient for making base gravy in many Indian dishes. Here are a few suggestions for using ground coriander in your cooking.

  • Add in curries, soups, and stews.
  • Use in spice rubs, marinades, sauces, and spice mixes.
  • Try adding coriander powder to pies and stir-fries.
  • Add in your salads to give a refreshing citrusy and woody flavor.

How to Ground Coriander at Home?

Grinding coriander powder at home is easy. You just need a spice grinder or coffee grinder. A normal grinder would also help, but the heat generated from it will lose the flavor of the spice. Grinding coriander seeds in small quantities is advisable as the powdered spice loses its flavor more quickly than the whole spice. 

What are the Benefits of Coriander Powder?

Prevents salmonella from growing

It has antibacterial properties, which prevent salmonella bacteria from growing. 

Anti-allergic properties

Few studies have suggested that coriander seeds can also help with allergies, thanks to their anti-histamine properties. This may particularly help with skin irritation and hay fever.

Increases appetite

Coriander is believed to increase appetite. Consuming coriander powder with water or juice helps people with appetite loss.

Aids in digestion

Coriander powder consumed in tea form helps maintain a healthy digestive tract. Moreover, it is also good for relieving nausea, diarrhea, flatulence, and symptoms of IBS.

Where to Buy Ground Coriander Powder?

Coriander powder is easily available at supermarkets, grocery stores, or spice shops. Wherever you choose to purchase, make sure it is a reliable source. The powder you purchase must be bright mud brown in color and should not have lumps. Also, check the manufacturing date, as old coriander powder might have lost its flavor. Moreover, you can buy it from spice wholesalers if you want bulk quantities.

How to Store Coriander Powder?

Coriander powder loses its freshness and flavor more quickly if not stored properly. Keep in an airtight glass container. Or, if it is in a packet, seal it with a clip. Place the container in a cool, dry, and dark place away from the sunlight. If you buy in bulk, take out some portion for daily use and store the remaining batch in a tight container. Don’t open the container frequently as it will get exposed to the air more and ruin the spice.


Coriander powder is one of the most fundamental spices in Indian cuisine. Moreover, it is also widespread in Mexican, Southeast Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine. Therefore, this is a spice that you must have in your kitchen pantry. It can be easily available at retail stores, online marketplaces, or suppliers of bulk spices wholesale.

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