The Secret to Having Fun and Making Tons of Money

The Secret to Having Fun and Making Tons of Money

Whenever I speak on big stages all over the world, there’s one concept that gets 99.99% of people really excited.

This concept came to me one day, and now it has become an exciting movement all over the world.

The concept is called PLERKING.

I took the words “playing” and “working” and combined them to form this term.

Plerking is my philosophy that emphasizes the importance of finding joy in your work while also earning the income you desire. It means approaching your job or business with a sense of playfulness and creativity and using those qualities to achieve greater financial success.

Plerking is about loving what you do, living your passion, and being in a state of flow. It’s the type of work you would do even if you won the lottery, and it gives you a reason to get up every morning excited. The most important aspect of plerking is doing what you love and earning the income you desire.

Many people work at jobs they dislike just to earn money, but that’s not plerking. Conversely, some people do what they love but do not earn the income they want. That’s also not plerking. 

To plerk means doing work that brings you happiness and the financial success you desire.

Sunil Tulsiani says, throughout my career, I have experienced plerking in various forms. As a police officer, I was plerking. When I generated millions from real estate investing, I was plerking. Speaking on stages and mentoring clients to become financially independent is plerking to me.

So, How Do You Start Living A Plerking Life?

If you want to start living a plerking life, begin by making a list of all the activities you love, including those you think won’t bring you money. Then, research and see if anyone has made significant money doing those activities. For instance, Tony Robbins makes millions from talking on stage, although during his childhood he was told that he talked too much.

When I was younger, I was told to stop watching movies about kick-butt cops, but I enjoyed the way officers solved crimes and protected people. That’s how I became a police detective, and I enjoyed what I did while earning a decent salary.

At the end of the day, plerking is about embracing your inner happy child and bringing that sense of wonder and curiosity to everything you do to build wealth. Whether you’re a real estate investor, entrepreneur, professional, or employee, I encourage you to start plerking today. 

It’ll undoubtedly transform your life.

Sunil Tulsiani – Founder of Private Investment Club

Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani, is a former police officer, real estate expert, and  #1 best-selling author, mentor, accomplished entrepreneur, and the founder of Private Investment Club. He has trained over half a million individuals worldwide and is recognized as “The Wealthy Cop.” Some members of his club include Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert G Allen, Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, and many other successful entrepreneurs. Sunil’s goal is to help create 100 millionaires.

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