No Money Down Secrets For Real Estate Investors In 2023

No Money Down Secrets For Real Estate Investors In 2023

I recently returned from my international speaking tour where I shared stages with Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, some Bollywood stars, billionaires, and successful wealthy real estate investors. 

Most of them had one thing in common – they invested in real estate either full or part-time. 

However, many people asked if it’s possible to invest in real estate if they don’t have any money. It may surprise you but the honest answer is yes! There are actually many ways to do it.

In this article, I’ll cover two simple strategies that I teach to elite members of my Private Investment Club (PIC).

  • Wholesaling

sunil tulsiani real estate investment

Wholesaling is a popular real estate investing strategy that involves finding undervalued properties and then selling them to a buyer for a profit. The key to successful wholesaling is finding properties that are below market value and/or properties that produce good cash flow. 

Once you’ve got a great deal under contract, you then create an information package to find an investor or a money partner. The package includes: a signed contract, a description of the property, written repair estimates, sold comparables to prove the current value of the property, and a pro forma.

Pro forma is extremely important because it shows what the expected profits are for an investor. 

For example, if the property can be flipped for a profit, you would show the current value of the property by comparing it to similar properties in the area, the cost of acquiring the property, the cost of repairs, carrying costs, legal costs, estimates from 2 or 3  contractors to renovate and the projected profit after re-selling the property.

Once you have a contract and information package, you can look for an investor or a buyer who would love to get their hands on a great money-making real estate. 

You can find buyers or investors by joining online real estate groups, attending real estate training, or becoming a member of an elite real estate club/mastermind where you can network with millionaires/multi-millionaires. 

Once you have an investor ready to buy, you can assign (sell) the contract for a profit. 

Depending on how good the deal is, you can make $5,000 to $10,000 or more without getting a mortgage, without paying for closing costs, without doing any renovations, and without taking a lot of risks. 

And of course, you get to do all this by investing little or no money.

  • Seller Financing

sunil tulsiani real estate investment

Another option for investing in real estate with no money down is seller financing. This involves finding sellers who have little or no mortgage on their property and are tired of dealing with tenant or property issues. These sellers are typically older and no longer want to handle rental issues, particularly if the tenants have damaged their property.

You can negotiate with these types of sellers to take over their rental property and offer them monthly cash flow without dealing with tenant issues. 

Essentially, the seller becomes your bank and lends you ALL of the money for the property to fix up any issues, and you pay them a monthly mortgage. You then address the tenant and property issues and the seller gets passive income coming in. 

You would then rent the property back on the market.

To ensure profitability, you need to make sure that your rental income exceeds all of the monthly expenses of the property, including the mortgage payments to the seller. 

You win because you acquired the property with no money down, and the seller wins because you took over their headaches and are bringing them passive monthly income.

Of course, before starting, it’s important to get proper education from the right people. If you’re interested in learning more about investing in real estate with no money down, I invite you to check out my elite club Private Investment Club, or Sunil Tulsiani’s best-selling books on Amazon.

Sunil Tulsiani (Founder of Private Investment Club)

Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani, is a former police officer, real estate expert, and  #1 best-selling author, mentor, accomplished entrepreneur, and the founder of Private Investment Club (PIC). He has trained over 750,000  individuals worldwide and is recognized as “The Wealthy Cop.” 

Members of his elite club include Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert G Allen, Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, and many other successful entrepreneurs. Sunil’s goal is to help create 100 millionaires.

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