How can Monitor Glasses Safeguard eyes from the Computer Screen?

How can Monitor Glasses Safeguard eyes from the Computer Screen?

Working on the computer can be stressful to the eyes unless you wear monitor glasses.  These are nothing but glasses that managed to ward away the harmful blue light from affecting the eyes.  With the ability to block not only the blue light but also prevent the occurrence of reflections on the surface of the lenses, these glasses provide excellent comfort to the eyes.

Monitor glasses are widely known by different names such as anti-blue light glasses, computer glasses, digital eye strain glasses, blue light glasses, blue filter glasses, blue light blocker glasses as well as gaming glasses. However, the purpose, features, and functions performed by them are similar irrespective of whatever name they are called.

What are the functions of monitor glasses?

The monitor glasses perform two basic functions apart from boosting the clarity of vision. They are to block blue light as well as to prevent the glares from hindering vision. These are the two culprits that interrupt vision and cause eye-health issues. To be precise, there are several eye problems that can occur due to the presence of blue light when computer screens are viewed for extended hours. This includes eye-stress, fatigued eyes, pain in the eyes, discharge of water from eyes, digital eye strain, retinal damage, headache, inability to sleep, and insomnia. Whereas, when the glares are formed from the digital screen of computers they cause difficulty in focusing on the object. Hence, the eyes are strained to focus and the objects may appear double or hazy to the eyes. In such a scenario, anti-blue light glasses act as protective gear and provide much-needed comfort and easiness to the eyes.

 How can I get monitor glasses in my glasses frames?

There are two ways by which you can get monitor glasses in your glasses frames. First, go to Specscart’s website and select your favorite pair from the latest and most attractive collection of eyeglasses frames ranging from affordable to branded designer glasses. Choose a frame according to style, color, size, pattern, and shape, and even consider your face shape. Upload the prescription if you have any, otherwise, choose a non-prescription glass lens. Before placing the order, choose anti-blue light glasses while selecting the lens type.  You need not enter the details for anti-glare because all eyeglasses manufactured at Specscart come with pre-loaded anti-glare, anti-UV, and anti-scratch features. Besides, you only pay for the blue light-blocking lenses and get the anti-glare feature free of cost.  You will be surprised to know that you will get same-day dispatch of your glasses. However, if you are unsure of how the glasses frames will appear on your face, you can always check out the option of trying at-home glasses and try as many as 200 glasses without stepping out of your house.

The second method is to include new lenses in old frames, provided your existing glasses frames should be in good working condition, and are able to hold the new lenses.  This method is called Reglaze glasses, wherein you can send your old frames to Specscart that are not broken and free from wear and tear. The expert professionals at Specscart’s state-of-the-art laboratory will insert new lenses in old frames too with the ability to block blue light and glares. The process of reglazing can replace old lenses with new lenses that will make your old frames into brand-new monitor glasses.

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