Thayer Coggin Furniture Is Unique and Timeless

Thayer Coggin Furniture Is Unique and Timeless

It’s easy to visit the wide web and find yourself some designs in couches and seating that will do a fine enough job of providing your family and guests with comfort. It’s just about as easy as taking a trip to any local outlet and finding a sofa or a couch that’s comfortable enough and gets the job done. What isn’t so easy is finding a seating arrangement that is not only comfortable but can be made to order, with the highest quality components and built by hand to last for life.

Easy though it isn’t, that’s exactly what you find with Thayer Coggin furniture, whose designs have never sacrificed on quality on aesthetics once in their nearly 70 years of history. Still carefully designed and created in High Point, North Carolina, Thayer Coggin designs are hallmarks of benchmade quality that set the tone for all others that follow in seating.

The first thing to note is that, as we said, every single piece of Thayer Coggin furniture is entirely bench made from start to finish. What does that mean? Well, considering the fact that a craftsman’s hands and eyes will be fixed on each given piece of furniture from start to finish and throughout the entire process, it means a commitment to quality craftsmanship. That quality cannot be achieved via any other method of construction, and it also guarantees the seamless fit and finish of the completed piece of furniture.

There’s more that comes with a piece of benchmade furniture beyond the conspicuous truth that it will be built to last. Of course, bench made furniture is meticulously assembled and finished to provide a matchless end result, but what you also get from a line of handmade furniture is a series of designs that have no comparison in the market.

Thayer Coggin furniture is not only known for its quality. It is also known for the fact that many of their designs are customizable to the tastes of its customers. One size rarely fits all, especially with furnishings which have to make a match for a very diverse range of interior designs.

This commitment to customization goes far beyond aesthetics. It is built right into the very character of each piece of Thayer Coggin furniture. Allow us to illustrate.

The ability to customize a piece of Thayer Coggin furniture goes well beyond the visual appeal. Consider as an example a model of their furniture like their Stockton Swivel Lounge Chair. This chair’s cushions can be customized to offer you the exact comfort you want in the chair. Choose from polyester fiber to fiber down to trillium and everything in between. The result is a cushion that is as firm or soft or dense as you please. From then you can go even further by customizing the chair with your choice of wood and metal finishes as well as upholstery. The end result is a lounge chair that not only suits your interior environment perfectly but also offers you something of a personalized seat.

If designs in furniture that can be perfectly tailored to your home and offer you exactly the kind of comfort you want sound appealing, then you might just want to consider a Thayer Coggin sofa or chair for your home, especially if you have an aging unit on the way out. If so, you’ll want to visit Ohio Hardwood Furniture at For the simple reason that they offer plenty of selections in Thayer Coggin designs as well as plenty of their own bench made offerings, you may find your very next piece on their website. Check out their website today, but don’t pass up the chance to visit their store in Peninsula, Ohio, if you’re ever in the area. Then you can get a true feel for some of their unique pieces of furniture.

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