The 5 Biggest Cosmetic Trends for 2022

The 5 Biggest Cosmetic Trends for 2022

If you’ve been thinking about trying some new makeup trends this year, get ready to experiment with natural hues and products that make your skin luminous. Whether you want to make sure your eyes stand out or you want to give your complexion a healthy glow no matter the season, here are five of the biggest cosmetic trends to try in 2022.

1. The “No-Makeup” Look and Tantouring

This makeup trend looks good on just about anyone and it’s easy to master the look at home. To ensure your skin is dewy and nourished for this look, you can mix your favorite moisturizer with your foundation. If you need additional color correction or heavier makeup, you can cover spots and blemishes with a full- or medium-coverage foundation.

Once the foundation has been applied, you can complete your natural look with tantouring. Instead of contouring with a concealer that is darker than your skin tone, use self-tanner to give your face more definition. The tanner should be applied to the jawline, cheek line, and the bridge of the nose for a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.

2. Mommy Makeovers Cosmetic Trends

More and more people are becoming comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that will improve their figures and give them more confidence in their bodies. Tummy tucks and breast lifts are common for moms who want to restore their bodies after having a baby. These cosmetic procedures are often included in what is known as a Mommy Makeover. If you live in or near the Miami area, plastic surgeons in Miami can consult with interested patients and provide before-and-after photos to give patients an idea of how their new bodies will look.

3. Glossy Lips

While there have been years when a matte lip was in style, glossy lips are one of the biggest cosmetic trends for 2022. More people are showing off the natural shape of their lips with nude glosses that are shiny and nourishing. Even if you’re going for glosses with a little more color to them, you can find products that will hydrate your lips while making them look more voluminous. While you can visit a plastic surgery clinic to give your lips more volume, high-gloss balms and lipsticks can work as an enhancement tool in between lip injections. It’s also trendy to pair a glossy lip with matte eyeshadow or foundation to make a shiny pout stand out even more.

Glossy Lips

4. Eyes and Eyebrows that Make a Statement

Many of the spring fashion runways are featuring eyeshadows in noticeable colors. Glitter eyeshadows are on-trend for 2022 as well. Fashion experts also assert that small rhinestones in the corner of the eyes are trendy this year; this part of the eye makeup trend is a nod to the cosmetic trends of the early 2000s. Glitter shadow applied to the lid can make the eyes sparkle, and trying this trend in neutral eyeshadow colors allows you to be stylish even in more conservative settings such as the office.

In addition to creating an eye makeup look that makes a statement, bold eyebrows will keep you on-trend when it comes to makeup this year. Full brows can show off your outgoing personality and properly groomed brows can frame your face and make your eye makeup more appealing. You can use a pomade or gel to tame your brows and add more product depending on how noticeable you want your brows to be.

Eyes and Eyebrows

5. Faux Freckles Cosmetic Trends

There was a time when many women tried to hide their freckles, but according to this year’s makeup trends, those days are quickly coming to an end. Faux freckles are increasing in popularity and will likely become more common as we enter the summer season. The freckles should subtly peak through medium or full-coverage foundations. Brow pencils, freckle pens, eyeliner, and henna can be used to create natural-looking freckles.

Incorporating one or more of these trends into your makeup routine can give you a fresh look for 2022, whether you want to try faux freckles and a glossy lip for the summer or a bold eye for the fall or winter. Neutral tones are also on-trend all year long and will keep you looking your best whether you’re getting ready for work or heading to a formal event. The more you experiment with these trends, the easier it will be to determine which 2022 cosmetic trends are most flattering to you.

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