Landscaped Natural Locations for Wedding

Landscaped Natural Locations for Wedding

Many may be wondering what a farmhouse is. Farmhouse as the name suggests is a type of house in an agricultural scene which has a residential house built in it as well. All around is well landscaped garden in the lap of nature. The construction could to traditional to modern architecture. In present times farmhouses are not just for living by the owner it is commercially used. It is rented out for corporate events, wedding functions etc.

Farmhouse for wedding in Gurgaon

Once the wedding date is fixed many couples prefer to have the wedding at a farmhouse in natural surroundings. That’s when the survey begins. Farmhouse for wedding in Gurgaon should be conveniently connected to other parts of the city and adjoining regions so the guests can reach the venue without any trouble. Moreover, your marriage should fulfill your desire for a dreamlike setting.

After online survey shortlist the farmhouses for personal visit after appointment through the internet. The venue should be booked at least few months in advance. Scrutinize the lush green luxurious ambiance and the openness of the place. Keep in mind the lavishness of the function or it may be just extravagance. Some farmhouses cater to the elites.  Decide what kind of luxury you want 5-star, 4-star, 3-star or a budget venue. Find out if the place will let out rooms and suits overlooking the garden where guests can be checked in. See your requirement of the rooms and then take the final decision. The road leading to the farmhouse should preferably be congestion free and easy to commute for local and outside guests. Go in for place that has valet parking. If the weather plays a spoil sport to be on the safe side ask for waterproof pandal. The passage from lawn till the residence should have tiles for walking easily if rain strikes. Moreover, it should also be covered.

Farmhouse for wedding

The facilities for hospitality should match 5-star hotels.  Make sure the place is managed by professionals and qualified as well as experienced team.  Read the reviews on net beforehand to find out the conduct of the staff. They should be courteous and prompt in extending help and serving. Your queries should be put to rest in a cordial atmosphere. You will be allotted a coordinator who will be with you till the last function. He will also manage staff.

Clarify who will organize decorators, caterers, and other allied services. The chances of in-house catering is a reality. Find out if they have tie-up and settle the issue. The decoration should be such that it moonlight beseeches the ultimate glory of lanterns and lights on earth. Its beauty should be amplified.

The pre-wedding functions can be organized indoors as well. The technically advanced facilities will make all inconveniences go away. The DJ will make the evening magical. Do all the formalities necessary for alcohol. Customize the wedding event to your liking and within budget. The organizer will erect chalets and sitting groups all over the lawn so guests enjoy the drinks and dinner as they move around and mix with each other. Through advance planning enjoy a mega wedding.

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