Wedding at The Garden to Experience Super Hospitality

Wedding at The Garden to Experience Super Hospitality

Your wedding date is fixed and you begin dreaming about its occurrence based on the images you have seen on the internet or glossy magazines. In reality, you have to fix the avenue first. The venue has to be fixed for six months in advance. Your venue will be deciding factor for other things like caterers, event planner, florists, photographer etc.

Wedding Venues in Gurgaon

Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth in a memorial way.  Unconventional venues make the wedding ceremonies ostentatious and sprightly. Wedding gardens in Gurgaon are sprawling lush green land in the middle of tranquil surroundings with all modern amenities. These gardens splendidly host wedding functions and emphasis hospitality with a modern touch.

Wedding gardens in Gurgaon

The natural beauty and extraordinary décor with marvelous infrastructure make the garden destination more in demand. Most gardens are situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The venue indeed extends rejuvenating touch to the wedding. The ambience is rich but sober with modern comforts. All wedding ceremonies in the lawn appear dazzling, photo locations are spectacular in the manicured grounds. The cultural events show like music, dance, and etc. do well in the spacious outdoor. It adds life to events. The gardens can accommodate a large number of people. The ambience is agreeable and attracts a lot of invitee guests. It is because they will enjoy world-class hospitality.

The electric decorations spread over greenery like lights and chandeliers give rich look to the surrounding. The mesmerizing music and exotic catering make the occasion grand. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are served on demand. There are places in the lawn allotted to pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding occasions. It is a dream of every girl to get married in the lavishness of flora and fauna. It is a dream wedding as a destination wedding.

In-house decorators and caterers take this responsibility off your shoulder. Outside decorators also permitted. The decoration can be personalized on-demand. Find out about furniture, crockery, cutlery and linen arrangement. Outsource if necessary. Despite the garden wedding, there are adjoining complimentary changing rooms at easy reach. Overnight wedding permitted at most venue. Multiple spaces for different functions for ease of functionality. Most gardens have parking space in sumptuous number for cars along with valet facility. Inquire about alcohol permission at the venue.

Make sure you have a one-point contact at the venue. He will guide you about coordinating anything and everything.  Get written permission for the number of hours you will be using the premises. An extension of time may levy penalty. Make sure that the guest is not disturbed by peak traffic while reaching the destination. See insurance papers of the venue in case some mishap happens. Find out about add-ons. Trim the list if it goes beyond your limits. Noise restrictions after certain hour may mar your function. Get information about this. If the rain comes on the day of the wedding find out about the alternate shelter. The cleanliness of the restroom is a must and stressed with the management. Host your wedding at such a venue to experience the hospitality.

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