Top 5 Services that your car need more Frequently

Top 5 Services that your car need more Frequently

Buying a car of dreams is the desire of every person, after all, it is a major status symbol. Every day, new variants of cars are coming to the market with more eye-catching designs and better facilities than the previous model. After deploying on the rods, your car becomes a part of the rest of the traffic crowd. It is a metallic structure combined with mechanical parts in order to drive smoothly. However, there is a particular life-span of every mechanical part. Continuously running on different kinds of terrains result in major or minor malfunctionings that you need rectification at an agency of car repair shops near you. Ignoring a car issue for a long time means exposing it to more troublesome consequences. No matter how carefully you are driving your car, it still needs some repairs and replacements as we are going to mention in the article below. 

Most frequent services necessary for a car

1. Spark plugs replacement 

 If your car is failing to start, consider it malfunctioning of the sparkplug. These are the connectors responsible for supplying battery current to the fuel combustion. A car generally has four spark plugs and all must work properly in order to start a car and run it smoothly. If you are noticing poor acceleration or reduction in fuel efficiency, a malfunctioning spark plug can be the culprit. Replacement is the only option in this case. It is easy to replace a spark plug at home after watching an online tutorial. All you need is a wrench and plier to remove and fix the wires 

2. Engine oil change 

Adequate lubrication between the pistons is necessary for an engine to run smoothly. The running engine of the car produces an enormous amount of heat that gradually burns out the engine oil. On average, your engine needs oil replacement after running 5000 to 6000 kilometres. If you are not replacing oil timely, it will reduce the life of the engine that further affect the car’s value too on the time of selling. Find proficient car repair shops near you where oil change and other common service options are available. 

3. Coolant filling or replacement 

Coolant is another important fluid in your car that must always remain in an adequate quantity. Propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are the most common coolants available in the market. These chemicals have a boiling point of around 200-degree Celsius which is much higher than the normal water. We need to mix a half portion of the coolant in half a portion of water. The main purpose of coolant fluid is to circulate from engine to radiator in order to carry heat and exhale it out. If your car is lacking coolant, the engine will overheat and the car will stop in the middle of the road.

4. Electric supply system 

If the wiring system of your car is malfunctioning, don’t consider it as a minor threat because adequate electricity supply is necessary for various parts of your car. From sparkplugs to the music system of the car, everything depends on the uninterrupted power supply. Worn out wires due to load fluctuation or rats infestation are the main reasons why a car repair shops near you recommend wiring and electricity supply checking. 

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