Using RCC Spun Pipes in the Drainage System of Kolkata

Using RCC Spun Pipes in the Drainage System of Kolkata

Construction in Kolkata reaches a new level since the rise in households and industries throughout the city. And when it comes to construction, it needs to be sure that it will be prolonged and lasts longer. The city’s drainage system comes under one of the essential construction projects, and the RCC spun pipe manufacturers in Kolkata provide everything the drainage system needs to work properly. They play a vital role in Kolkata’s drainage system, making it durable and well maintained. In this article, we will discuss everything related to RCC spun pies in Kolkata’s drainage system.

What Are The RCC Spun Pipes?

The reinforced cement concrete pipes or the RCC spun pipes in Kolkata are designed and developed with cement stone, metal, and sand mixed in specific proportions, using the latest manufacturing technology, which ensures the durability of the products. These high-quality RCC pipes, along with a smooth finish, are appropriate for private institutions and the city’s drainage system. These pipes are well known for their enhanced durability, leakproof, and power to stand firmly even in high hydrostatic pressure. The top features of the RCC spun pipes are the following,

  • Flexibilities: Even though these pipes are heavily weighted, they can be customized according to the project and environment.
  • Resistivity: For being much powerful, these pipes are resistant to physical damages. Therefore, it eliminates calling the maintenance cars while being installed. Even if cracks are found, they mend through times, giving almost 100 years of durability.
  • Stability: Due to the heavier weight, the pipes can stay in place firmly if installed correctly. Even in heavy flooding, they can stand in their place and provide higher stability than any other pipes.

Reasons Behind Using RCC Spun Pipes To The Drainage System Of Kolkata?

The RCC spun pipes come with plenty of advantages and various usages. The pipes are used in the city’s drainage system underground to carry the household and industrial sewage and flow them away to the specific places either for disposal or further treatment for making it potable. The pipes are known to be much stronger to resist the workflow. Also, they can prevent wall softening and leakage even in prolonged water presence for the high-quality materials and latest technologized manufacturing process. The pipes are heavily weighted, so the heavy vehicles driving over them or the heavy flooding can not replace them from their position, making the pipes perfect for maintaining the city’s wellbeing and having a proper drainage system.

Tests For Ensuring The Standards Of The RCC Spun Pipes

Though the RCC Spun pipes come with plenty of features to maintain a proper drainage system, there are some qualities to measure. As with water, sometimes heavy particles like brick pieces, stone particles, etc., can pass through the pipes, causing some internal damage. Following are some of the tests that the reinforced cement concrete pipe manufacturers in Kolkata should perform to ensure the product quality before installing them underground,

  • Load testing by checking the load-bearing capacity
  • Hydrostatic testing by checking the water pressure resisting capacity
  • Pressure testing by checking the overall pressure resisting capacity
  • Water absorption testing
  • Flexibility testing of the assembled joints
  • Concrete cover of the dimensions and reinforcement testing

If the products qualify for all the tests mentioned above, they go for the installation process. With the help of the experienced workers, the pipes get installed promptly in the city’s drainage system.

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