The advantages of the 7-passenger SUV in the 2021

The advantages of the 7-passenger SUV in the 2021

Sales of motorized vehicles, especially small cars, throughout 2020 were the most anomalous period. As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, sales of the Toyota Avanza are no longer the bestsellers. The sales trend is shifting where city cars and 7-passenger SUVs such as the 2021 Toyota Rush are increasingly in demand.

From this condition, are people bored with MPV? Or is it because this 7 passenger SUV provides more value as a daily car? So, these two points are the main reasons why people have started to leave the MPV.

Consumers in Indonesia choose SUVs for several reasons, from the spacious interior design to the tough exterior. Buyers of a 7-seater SUV generally have a family of up to four or more and enjoy doing outdoor activities together.

Activities such as picnics or traveling to your hometown clearly need a car that is tough in all terrains and relief. Moreover, the character of Indonesian society tends to be willing to spend more money to get good quality.

That is why, the Toyota Rush or its twin, the Daihatsu Terios, is increasingly in demand. In fact, the price of a low SUV is more expensive than a low MPV like the Toyota Avanza. So that you are not curious, let’s examine why you should choose an SUV over an MPV.

The advantages of the Toyota Rush 2021, Relieved Cabin Makes It Comfortable when Carrying Many Passengers and Items

Most sedans only carry four to five passengers, making it difficult for extended families to travel together. Meanwhile, the MPV can carry around seven passengers. However, the MPV is not as tough as the SUV when it passes through the typical rural gravel terrain.

Meanwhile, an SUV that has three rows of passenger seats, such as the Toyota Rush, can accommodate up to seven people. When carrying a lot of people, the middle seat can be folded flat, making it easier to access the third row.

Unlike the previous models, the second-generation Toyota Rush 2021 is claimed to offer steady handling and comfort when driving due to the updated suspension system. The absence of a rear spare tire allows the car’s dimensions to be optimized.

Bigger Goods Storage Space

In dimensions, the Toyota Avanza measures 4,190 mm in length, 1,660 mm in width, and 1,695 mm in height. The latest Toyota Rush has dimensions of length x width x height (mm) 4,435 x 1,695 x 1,705. From this, we can understand that Rush is longer and slightly wider than Avanza.

Then when compared to the first generation, the new Rush is 15 mm longer, 50 mm thinner in width, and 35 mm lower in height.

In this way, we will be more flexible with luggage accommodation when carrying more luggage. When not carrying many passengers, the rear seat can be folded. In this way, the storage space has a larger capacity than MPV and even up to three times more than the small hatchback.

The large cargo space capacity in the SUV makes it easier for you to load larger items such as boxes, suitcases, sports equipment, and even bicycles or furniture.

Moreover, the rear seat configuration can be folded at a ratio of 50/50 and the seats in the second row can be folded with a 2: 3 ratio. If the rear and middle seats are all folded, then there is a very large free space, although not as big as a blind van.

With such a large capacity, you can find new ways to use the cabin space as giant baggage. Need to move important items from office to home or vice versa to work from home, of course not a problem.

The advantages of 7 Passenger SUV, Reliable in All Road Conditions Typical of Indonesia

Most SUV owners may never go off-road, but the condition of road infrastructure in Indonesia, which is not all smooth, can be called light off-road terrain.

Unlike ordinary family cars, the 7 passenger SUV allows the driver to go to various places to enjoy outdoor adventures such as camping, fishing, and hiking.

The rear-wheel-drive system combined with high ground clearance allows the 7-passenger SUV to pass through fairly high puddles, rather steep uphill roads, to rocky dirt roads in campgrounds.

Simply put, an SUV can take you places you’ve never been before, from sandy beaches to muddy jungle trails. We can also rely on this advantage when we are forced to traverse inundated and flooded road conditions.

The new Rush has a ground clearance of 220 mm, 20 mm higher than the previous generation Rush. This means that this car is quite safe when crossing a 20 cm high puddle.

Advantages of SUVs Over MPVs, Masculine Style Increases Self-Confidence While Driving

However, SUV looks cool and mainly because of its tall and big posture. This is according to the taste of most people who buy an SUV because this car has a masculine style.

Meanwhile, some other people buy SUVs because they really need a bigger vehicle, or want to travel on off-road routes. For women, this masculine design gives a better sense of self-confidence and security.


Based on some of the facts above, it can be a consideration when you are confused about choosing to buy an MPV or SUV. With the price difference not too far, the SUV provides all the basic needs of an MPV plus better light off-road capabilities.

Road conditions in Indonesia, which are still not all smooth, certainly need a strong car. Not to mention, in some areas there are frequent floods or high inundation after heavy rains. SUVs are considered to be more prepared to face this kind of situation.

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